The first minister will meet with her cabinet tomorrow to consider further measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 Schools are expected to reopen

Nicola Sturgeon said the “rapid increase” in coronavirus cases caused by the new variant was “very worrying” ahead of a special ministerial meeting on Monday

The Scottish Parliament is due to be called back from the break on Monday so that the first minister can make an “urgent statement” at 2 p.m. on further measures to suppress the virus

This is expected to include another school return delay and stay at home lockdown, similar to March

Ms. Sturgeon said while vaccines offer a “way out”, the new strain of the virus makes the time up to then “the most dangerous since the pandemic began”

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said the education group would meet outside the cabinet on Monday morning to review the latest advice on schools and early learning

Schools should be on 18 Study face-to-face again on January 1st, but Ms. Sturgeon said last week this is being reviewed

In England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had “no doubt” that schools are safe and that students should return from Monday

Elementary schools in London and some surrounding areas are not due until Jan. Reopened January 1, but Mr Johnson said the risk to young people was “very, very small” as unions have urged all schools to close for the next two weeks

1/5 The rapid rise in Covid cases due to the new variant is extremely worrying The sharp rise in strong NHS pressure from & in other parts of the UK is a sign of what could be ahead so we all have to Take steps to slow the spread as vaccination progresses

The Prime Minister said: “The sharp rise and NHS pressures in other parts of the UK are a sign of what might be ahead of us

“Like other countries, we are in a race between this faster-spreading strain of Covid-19 and the vaccination program

“As we are working to vaccinate as soon as possible, we also need to do more to slow the virus down – to save lives and help the NHS take care of those who need it”

Like other countries, we are in a race between this faster-spreading Covid-19 strain and the vaccination program

After a meeting of the Scottish Government’s Resilience Committee on Saturday, the first minister will meet with her cabinet on Monday and present her decisions in a statement to Parliament on Monday afternoon

“Vaccines give us a way out, but this new strain makes the time until then the most dangerous since the pandemic started

“So the government must be responsible for acting quickly and decisively in the national interest

“Please continue to take Covid-19 seriously for the time being – it is a real threat to life and health and is more damaging to the economy when it gets out of hand

Daily coronavirus numbers released on Sunday show that in the past 24 hours across Scotland 2464 new cases occurred, which corresponds to 15, 2% of the 17328 tests reporting results

2464 new Covid cases have been reported – that’s 152% of all tests carried out This is further evidence that the new variant speeds up the transmission and the context for tomorrow’s decisions by the @scotgov cabinet and the recall of @ScotParl https: / / t istco / WxQgqqlgCu

This is higher than the increase from 2 confirmed on Saturday137 new cases, when 108% of the cases were positive

Scottish Labor Leader Richard Leonard said it was “right” to consider further restrictions as a “matter of urgency” but urged the Scottish government to release the evidence for all of its decisions

He added, “It is clear that we need to see an acceleration in vaccine adoption and a gradual change in testing

“It is also clear that government funding is nowhere near enough to offset the damage that lockdowns have done to jobs, livelihoods and businesses.

Patrick Harvie, co-chair of the Scottish Greens, said the safety of students, teachers and school staff must be the determining factor in deciding whether to return to schools on Jan. January should be delayed

He said, “Everyone accepts that schools should be kept open in an ideal world, but the current situation is far from ideal

“When Parliament returns on Monday, I expect the First Minister to explain exactly what support is being provided to ensure that online study periods, as long as they need to be, are as successful as possible

“The Scottish Government also needs to reconsider its decision not to prioritize teachers and school staff in introducing vaccines”

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