The government’s plan to get England out of lockdown will be “cautious but irreversible,” said Boris Johnson

He told reporters the plan would include target dates for changes “if we can,” but warned that high rates of infection could cause delays

A group of Tory MPs calls for a commitment to “free living” and an end to lockdown before May

Senior Backbencher Steve Baker said he wants the Prime Minister to “let us take our lives back once and for all”

The Prime Minister will likely be questioned about his plans later when he holds a press conference on Downing Street at 5:00 p.m. GMT with UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Executive of NHS England Simon Stevens

On Sunday, the government said it had achieved its goal of offering a vaccine to the 15 million most vulnerable people across the UK

Monday’s numbers showed a 29% decrease in the number of positive cases across the country to 9765 – the lowest value since Sept. October

There are still concerns about the numbers, however: over 88000 cases registered – an average of 157 cases per 100000 – and 4598 people died within 28 days of testing positive for the virus

Labor said the government needs to “secure the vaccine’s profits” and ensure that further measures are put in place to reduce the spread of the virus – such as financial support for self-isolation and updated guidelines in the workplace

Mr Johnson and senior members of his cabinet will spend the week reviewing the latest coronavirus statistics before making an announcement about their plans

He said, “The dates we are going to set are the dates by which we hope we can do something at the earliest”

At the time of business reopening and hospitality, there has been a slew of speculation, much of which Downing Street has turned down

But sources in No. 10 told the BBC they were increasingly confident that students in England would arrive on Aug. March would return to school – at the earliest the Prime Minister said the move could take place

Mr Johnson said no decisions had been made but the March school date had “long been a priority of government and families across the country”

He added, “We will do everything we can to make this happen, but we need to study the data further

“There are still 23000 Covid patients in the NHS – more than at the peak in April last year – unfortunately too many people are still dying from the disease, and infection rates are still comparatively high, although they are falling

“So we have to be very careful and we want to see progress that is cautious but irreversible I think that’s what the public, people across the country, want to see”

Over the weekend, 63 Tory MPs wrote to Mr Johnson asking for the easing to begin in March and for an analysis to be released that justify any measures in place

Mr Baker, the vice-chair of the lockdown-skeptical Covid Research Group (CRG) of Tory MPs who led the call, said schools should be closed on Aug. Returning March, hospitality should reopen by Easter and all other items should be by March 1st May return to normal – if everyone in the top nine priority groups was offered a vaccine

The proposal was rejected by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who told BBC Andrew Marr on Sunday that the government was “cautious”

But as he wrote on the Telegraph, Mr Baker reiterated his plan, saying, “As the Prime Minister said, let’s reclaim our lives once and for all. This can be a moment of unity – for our country and the Conservative Party – when we look to a much better future with confidence, hope and optimism “

CRG member and Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price said the government needs to “think about a livelihood” and told BBC Radio Essex: “Once you open schools there is no excuse for not going to the rest of the economy to open””

Hospitality bosses urge the government to reopen the pubs by April The chairman of Wetherspoon warns that the industry is “on its knees” and jobs are at stake

The plea comes after the industry figures showed the plight of the sector with a net loss of nearly 6000 licensed premises last year – three times as much as in 2019

More than a dozen MPs have also urged Mr Johnson to restrict the return of weddings with restrictions from Jan. March, followed by weddings without restrictions from the 1st May

Tory’s former minister, Esther McVey, said after the top nine groups of people were vaccinated it should be “a big moment for Britain to keep their heads up, for couples walking down the aisle and families walking.” going up and down”the country to reunite, celebrate and plan their future”

Any broad political consensus that existed in the early days of this pandemic is long gone

The Tory MPs who make up the Covid Recovery Group are increasingly critical of persistent restrictions

This is a group of senior Conservatives ready to be vocal and put pressure on the Prime Minister, your stance will no doubt be a factor in Downing Street’s thinking

But it would be wrong to assume that lockdown skepticism is representative of everyone on the Tory benches. Of more than 360 Conservative MPs, 63 signed the most recent letter to Boris Johnson calling for restrictions to be relaxed as soon as possible is not an insignificant number

However, there are also Tory MPs who advocate a more cautious approach, as do many on the opposition benches

Pressure from some members of his party to get out of lockdown quickly creates difficult political tensions for the Prime Minister – but it’s not necessarily a majority view

Another senior Tory backbencher, Robert Halfon, said the prime minister must “give the public optimism” to ease the lockdown easing, but cautioned that people would relax too soon

The Chair of the Education Select Committee told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour: “I understand where [the Covid Recovery Group] is from, and my heart has a lot of sympathy

“I just don’t want a repeat of what happened last year when we thought we were over the worst and then suddenly we’re back in a series of lockdowns”

Meanwhile, Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething said he did not want to give a “cast iron guarantee” of future lockdowns

He said: “The danger is that we are trying to state the absolute – by saying whether this is irreversible or if nothing else will happen in the future

“We want to make decisions based on the best data and information available to keep fall rates as low as possible and then carefully end the current lockdown we are in”

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