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UK may need to reintroduce coronavirus measures next winter to keep cases low, suggested Professor Chris Whitty this evening

The chief medical officer said he hoped not to have any more rules in place, but the virus would not “go away” and would likely be a problem next Christmas as well

Tough coronavirus laws will be repealed over time, he said tonight Boris Johnson has announced that this will begin when 13 million vulnerable people are vaccinated

But he admitted that the virus won’t just go away and that some rules will have to return next winter when bugs are easier to spread

“We will then get to a point as time goes on where people say that risk is to be tolerated and lifted, to the point of almost no restrictions

“We may have to bring in some next winter, this is possible because winter will benefit the virus

“However, the aim is to reduce the risk with the vaccine as much as possible so that we can reach the stage where the risk is incredibly low”

Professor Whitty said he hopes the nation can bring Covid to levels the country can handle – but said some people will continue to die from it like the flu every year

He stated, “About 7 die with flu every year000 people per year In a bad year, up to 20 die000 people per year, there is a risk that society will tolerate this

“This is a political decision, a social decision. We can reduce the risk with the vaccine”

He promised the rules wouldn’t be on the same scale as they are now – with bans, masks, and social distancing across the country

It came when Mr Johnson revealed today that 13 million people have now received the Covid vaccine – a quarter of all people over 80 have received their first dose

The Prime Minister today pledged daily updates on the number of people who have received the vaccine to keep the nation informed of the fight against the virus

He was trying to reassure the British that his plan to vaccinate everyone was on track just hours after ordering everyone to stay home

He told Sky News: “We cannot predict with certainty that the week of Jan. until 22 February can lift the restrictions

“We will do everything possible to ensure that as many people as possible are vaccinated so that we can gradually lift the restrictions

“I think it is right to say that we should lift some of these restrictions early in March, but not necessarily all of them”

Tonight, the Prime Minister promised that the government’s new strategy of dispensing as many first doses as possible was the right one – and would save lives

He said: “Together with Pfizer and Oxford / AstraZeneca – as of this afternoon – we have now vaccinated over 1.1 million people in England and over 13 million across the UK

“And that includes more than 650000 people over 80 one – that’s 23 percent of all over 80 in England

“And that means that almost 1 in 4 of any of the most vulnerable groups – all of them – will have significant levels of immunity in 2 to 3 weeks”

He said it was important to consider the importance of the tremendous progress made so far

He appeared next to Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance tonight, who revealed that one in fifty people now has Covid – more than a million Britons

Cases have increased by 70 percent in just a week – and by 60 today alone916

There are 27 in England alone000 people with COVID in hospital, 40% more than during the first summit in April

Boris has promised to shock the 13 million most vulnerable people in Britain by mid-February

It will start with people in nursing homes, followed by those over 80, then more NHS staff

After that, those over 75 will get the sting, and then those who are extremely clinically vulnerable and who have had to shield themselves

More than 1 MILLION Brits have Covid as 1 in 50 infected & mutant strain spreads

Covid cases top 60 for the first time on worst day000, since 830 more people die

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