Pamela Anderson was the main guest on Loose Women, but she confused the panel and viewers when she appeared in bed with her husband

Loose Women stars were in disbelief when guest Pamela Anderson conducted a live interview with her new husband in bed Some viewers dubbed it “Car Crash TV” and an “all time low” for the show

Friday’s hostess Nadia Sawalha had just told the audience at home: “Wow, do we have a love story for you?” got married in an intimate ceremony at their home in Canada on Christmas Eve when images of the couple surfaced on screen

But no one expected what happened next when Nadia went live to see Pamela to find her with her bodyguard in the other half under the covers, which resulted in her shouting, “And here you are in bed! “

Former EastEnders actress Nadia added, “To quote you, ‘in the arms of the man I love, I want to be’ – I didn’t think we’d actually see you in the arms of the man, because you are love “, answered Pamela:” Oh, we haven’t got out of bed since Christmas Eve “

When Pamela was struggling with her camera, Dan spoke to the Loose Women panel and asked, “How are you ladies?” to which Nadia replied, “You don’t need the Maldives or Cancun, I suppose the best place for a honeymoon is to snuggle up in bed!”

Pamela said they met while he was working on her house and said, “I got stuck here during Covid and we stuck together, we’re still stuck together,” Nadia quipped, “I hope not this minute!”

As the interview went on, giggling Pamela and Dan kept switching camera angles as their sheets rustled, and when the chat ended Nadia said to them, “It was nice to spend time in bed with you, I think , this is the most unusual conversation we’ve ever had, “said panelist Stacey Solomon:” I just loved every second, how in love you are “

When one viewer responded at home, scolded, “The interview with Pamela Anderson was an all time low for this program,” and another tweeted, “I’m just watching Pamela Anderson’s interview on Loose Women I Had to Make Sales It’s like the program hit an all-time low “

A third post: “This Pamela Anderson interview on #loosewomen is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen”

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