This was the real England A brutal, ferocious bat attack put her at the top of the rankings in Twenty20 cricket and sent a signal of her World Cup ambitions as clear as the full moon rising Newlands seemed

After winning the first two games in the final this was a massive bowler devastation in South Africa, led by Dawid Malan’s unbeaten 99 balls out of 47

Malan’s was a glorious display of stroke making with 11 fours and five sixs, and a worthy achievement by the No. 1 the world’s confidence poured out of every shot and the only flaw was that he wasn’t the first English batsman to score twenty-two hundred “I have to go back to math class but I didn’t know what would happen if I turned down the single would Malan said, referring to when he was attracted to Eoin Morgan for failing to get off the last ball of his 20th birthday last year Century to say goodbye

It didn’t matter and Morgan knows how valuable Malan is to the side now, England’s nine-wicket win was a threatening warning to their rivals that didn’t need a Bletchley code breaker to crack

The ethical right or wrong of Nathan Leamon, the analyst on the team holding coded characters to Morgan during the field game in England continues and other opponents could make a fuss, though most will likely just copy the idea of ​​The Analysis has become a huge part of the game Eoin is a fantastic captain and instinctive captain, he works closely with Nathan and it’s just an offer to help with a few match-ups said Buttler, the vice-captain

Granted, South Africa was without the injured Kagiso Rabada, and they’re not a strong team anyway, but chasing 192 with 14 balls was a carnage

Malan left one of the game’s best Twenty20 batsmen, Jos Buttler, in his slipstream as the pair put in 167 of 90 balls, a record partnership in T20 cricket for the second wicket

While Malan is leaving the roster on Wednesday, Buttler is staying for the ODI series and this was a timely return to form, turning the heat up to 67 after a slow start

It was a bloody night for bowlers in a game dominated by two grandstands South Africans Rassie van der Dussen and Faf du Plessis put 127 balls out of 63 for their partnership in the third wicket to strike a seemingly daunting goal put Not so

Jofra Archer signed off for service in England with one of his worse performances by the end of January for the India series, with one of his poorer performances. He was caught on the heels a couple of times while on the field and at one point led Stokes to scream : Come on, Jof, asleepâ ????

His final was the most expensive of his Twenty20 career at 22 runs, and England got completely lost in the last five overs when Du Plessis and Van der Dussen cracked 84 runs

It was a difficult night for England’s sailors, with the exception of Stokes, which was over by more than 10 p.m. At least Jordan became England’s leading wicket taker in Twenty20 cricket when he played for Quinton de Kock for the third time on the series his 66th Wicket dismissed

Jason Roy’s poor run continued. He was in Anrich Nortje’s second leg-leg before, and while there’s no shame in being late on a 95 mph delivery, he’ll have to change the format on Friday

Malan is in a completely different place.He made 14 out of just three balls, enjoyed the pace of Nortje and hooked Lutho Sipamla, who played for Rabada, who had ruled out the one-day series with a groin, for six in the stands

Malan overturned an LBW decision for Lungi Ngidi’s first ball that Hawkeye set up outside the stump of his leg. De Kock’s miserable streak was summed up when he missed a run-out and was released on Jan. Made no litter from the border with Malan under his floor His half century was not long in coming, with a crisp cover drive over additional covers

Buttler was chopping around 23 of 24 balls until Simpala fed him some freebies and his first two balls disappeared in the stands. Suddenly, Buttler had his timing back, his hands were faster through the ball and joined Malan with half a century of 34 balls at

The 100-run stand required 53 balls, as over 11 and 12 cost 40 runs to break the back of the run from the front by cracking Simpala for a six that almost landed on the train tracks

It took England six to win Malan was on 94 He hit a four over extra cover to tie the points His only way to a hundred was a limit because the game would be over once they had a single He tried it but could only sideline it, took the single and looked remorseful as he left No Cause One thing is for sure, Malan will play three for England at the Twenty20 World Cup next year

Dawid Malan now has an average of 5,353 in T20 international cricket – that’s the highest average in T20I history, but this gets more impressive when you combine it with the fact that only seven players score faster in T20 internationals als Malans 14947 #SAvENG BildTwittercom / K1cAznvtjP

A brutal attack by Messrs Buttler and Malan brings England to victory with 14 balls, a victory that makes England number 1 in the international T20 national team. You didn’t roll particularly well when you died, but the world record partnership with 167 of 86 balls on the second wicket was a phenomenal response

South Africa has shown in three games that it has talented players, but it lacks persistence and experience and expertise in the field

Can Malan make it on three numbers? Sipamla helps by shoving it into the slot.Malan drives it six long for a skyscraper.The next ball is pushed far, too far, and then Malan hits four over cover.He’s on 98, the scores are tied and he pushes the next Ball into the ceiling and jog a single to win the match, but gets stuck at 99 *

It looks like he didn’t know he only needed one to win, but he wears a rueful smile

Nortje comes back for his finale and gives Malan the rush, but the left-handed still manages to get a bat on his train and edging it for four. He taps a single continuous cover off an open face and Buttler then cuts for four to increase the 150 partnership, only fourth in English T20 history

A triumph for Ngidi who finds its length and variations to narrow England down to three singles and make it a 24v24 run-a-ball

Shamsi returns and the mysterious weirdo begins with something prosaic, buttler takes a long jump, gets on a train, folds it up and still bends it for six over the billboards.Malan turns back four minutes, a short third man dives over his tried stop and then starts the wrist spinner over the back foot cover for four Remarkable Stroke One ball of over to go and it goes over for six Malan is the T20 batsman at the top of the ICC rankings and leads England to a win that will also bring them to number 1

Crikey! Malan almost knocks Ngidi out of the ground, clings to a short ball and pulls it in a horizontal plane and almost as vertically over 94m.Ngidi then throws a full throw behind the batsman made by the bowlers coming in from the other end It hits the edge of the depression and takes off, spits four byes over De Kock’s head. A couple of singles and a long end are over, as the hope is visibly dwindling from South Africa that a new captain will need for this format, otherwise it will Destruction of De Kock to be

De Kock brings Nortje back to try to put the handbrake on and he does to Buttler with two point balls after Malan pulls him for two and slams one off his hip, Buttler flicks his fifty off his pads, but five from the over is kind of a win for the bowler. But Nortke only has one left and everyone else is slaughtered

Shamsi goes on, stretching his neck to see Buttler drop him deep in the seats.After a strike-rotating single for Buttler snapping off his pads, Malan plays the sleekest cover drive for four to his fastest T20 To get 50 out of 27 deliveries It sweeps the next ball hard and even if it comes off the top it lands about 15 yards back on the job site at England’s deep, rearward-facing Seventh Six

Sipamla returns, his first ball is long and out and Buttler carts it over for six minutes. The next ball is shorter and Buttler pulls it up over the square leg for another six Buttler hits his crease so deep, waits and hits then like a cobra

De Kock leaves the bowler to him.Not a word of consolation or encouragement or advice to the young man. He’s a phenomenal talent, but under no circumstances should he open up, keep and direct Buttler injects a drive for two to the cover sweeper , Sipamla reaches for a slow ball bouncer, but it trampolates over Buttler’s shoulder and is labeled Wide.Two singles give the bowler a break before Buttler finishes the end by pulling his front leg back and whipping the passage point for four twenty-one from the end

Malan sweeps Shamsi very well for four It was a garbage delivery – maybe grabbing in the drizzle is difficult – as she dragged herself onto the stump of her leg. After crossing the line, they complete the game with two singles each, as Shamsi his Finds line and control again and the infield hits the batsmen

Buttler returns to Linde and the ball crawls under his bat. No run, but there is one of the next ball that was swept down to show Malan is coming down the field to the poor left and going through the ceiling Malan four times shovels a punch through with the lower hand Midwicket Malan wants two and is hit by the throw He would have been out around a yard even at full stretch, but De Kock fiddles with a perfect throw that will burst through his gloves He takes the bail off, but the ball was gone when it signals the umpires, who are wasting three more minutes reviewing it

Shamsi gets into the attack and his Orthodox first shipment, turning away from the left-handed, is swept backwards by Malan for four. He nailed that Malan cuts a single off the cue end, Buttler turns a single off his pads and Malan opens face for a defensive push and plays the turn down to short third man for another

Buttler cannot time it to take a long jump and can only square it for a single hit

ð ???? ¥ ROY FALLS FOR ENGLAND ð ???? ¥ Another disappointing result for the opener when he is caught by Nortje playing across the line # SAvENGð ???? º Watch ð ????? ? https: // tco / tbe3WRmSLUð ???? ± Blog ð ?????? https: // tco / zEWhGYlSlBð ?????? Scorecard ð ?????? https: // tco / mmoR4srBTL BildTwittercom / fzcuB1ZNIN

Much effing and indeed jeffing audible tonight. Linde returns for some control.It’s not spinning, but his accuracy and fluctuations in flight mean England will have to be content with milking him for five singles.

Malan insults Ngidi’s injury by hitting the next ball in front of the square with a nice shot for four.The left-hander goes through the roof for a single, Buttler works an off-stump with a whip with his lower hand through Midwicket and Malan controls a single until the third man Ngidi finishes its ending, which began with a desperate celebration after some floating dirt in the sewer and Buttler creams it through the roof for four

Malan lbw b Ngidi a question about where it hit it looked like it was leaning out of the leg but continued to NOT hit OUT it was out of the leg

Sipamla comes into the attack, crosses and Buttler plays a French cut that edged him in for a single The free hit is short and top-ranking Malan pulls it hard for six after Malan defends a ball that goes up and into his chest shot, he drops the next one at his feet and hurls a single butler, plays and misses, hits one that is sunk under his bat, and they complete the over with one each in the side of the leg

Nortje starts at 90 km / h and Buttler rushes him over Midwicket for six from the forefoot, England’s vice-captain hits a single one from the rear foot through the ceiling After Roy leaves, Malan pulls a short ball for four Nortje responds with one real bouncer, quick and angry Malan wraps his neck and fends off the beheading The referee calls it far and one for the end So Nortje throws a very fast ball of good length and Malan throws his hands into a drive and slides it through for four the free slip

Roy lbw b Nortje 16 Fast long delivery angled over right handed It looked like it might slide down when he stepped over to fix it but he uses that Rating not FOW 25/1

Linde continues: Roy does a viv, kicks on the leg to hit the offside position for two, then throws the sink on two, but cannot schedule it. He sweeps hard for four, is offered a cake , a greasy long jump that he cuts hard but straight to the feet of an outfield player He screams “Oh no!” on the missed opportunity, however, dance to the last ball of the over and drive it on for a long time. Beautiful stroke

Anrich Nortje divides the new ball quickly and fully from the beginning and Roy breaks his racket and digs it out of the block hole

Do you think Buttler might be struggling with his side.He seemed to have tweaked it when he’d shied away at the stumps earlier, and only felt it after getting a cut wrong

Roy gets a new bat on the ball by wiping two of his pads and then pounding a single man through to the third. Butler puts a drive under cover, too tight to take one, then hastily pulls a quick one for two by Midwicket Six for no wicket off two is a replica of the innings by SA

George Linde opens the bowling alley and starts with a points ball Roy pushes him in the middle Roy straps on the next ball and they run one and Linde ties Buttler for four point balls England’s fights against left-wing nuts have KP nuances. Surely De Kock will now give him another one in this spell

South Africa’s best bowler was banned from both the ODI series with three games and today’s game with a groin strain

South Africa put in 127 for the fourth wicket of 63 balls and made 84 out of the last five overs when England’s alleged Grim Reaper forgot their scythes and were carted around the park

Sky reveals that from their position in Newlands, the English analytics team posted a series of signals to clipboards, a series of numbers and letters (2C etc) giving the captain insight or advice that he has no obligation to take, the coaching team said, apparently it was used by the Multan Sultans in the PSL

The English analyst uses a series of numeric and letter codes to pass information to @ Eoin16 that he can react to or ignore So, 2B or not 2B, that’s the question

Low full throw drifting from Jordan to VDD on the pads throwing it behind the square for four, the next ball is wider and pushed up to reach the Yorker VDD falls on one knee and posts it for six over long time hand speed, timing, and brute force

They two run off an Archer miss when VDD chisels the Yorker through Midwicket and Jordan stops the ride from his own bowling to give his characters a rare, late point ball

The fifth ball is a quick broken leg, half a volley and a fifth stump line Van der Dussen smears it for six long The last delivery of the innings is short, Van der Dussen pulls Sam Curran catches it while diving upside down, but out of fear falling over the rope at full stretch, he throws it at Archer, but it’s not finished yet. You run two

Sam Curran will have a rare arrow on death. He starts with a wide line and tries to shorten that wide line but pushes it the wrong side. VDD cuts two over cover and follows with a single that has both Tom Curran and Archer misses too.It is his reaction to Sam Curran’s distance that slices the ball and frustrates the bowler when the ball falls behind his brother who may have left it to Archer

A distance to Du Plessis is followed by one that is an inch closer to the batsman and therefore legal, but Du Plessis has now lined up him and ends the game with three consecutive fours, the first on one knee through the point , the next one he reached out to handle it in the middle of the broom and ended up with the one who brings out his half-century by splashing it through the third man

What a punch from Du Plessis, a loft-off-drive for a steepling six Jordan tried to get the Yorker, but landed it too short, but came back with the next ball, which is full and wide and inaccessible , although legal, when Du Plessis stepped on the side of the leg

The next delivery is a rib-high full throw, not exactly a projector, but definitely a no-ball Du Plessis plays well with the splice, his quick reactions save a broken bone Jordan defends the free kick with a 100 km / h Yorker, who whistles past the stump and then returns to the broad Yorkers, who then limit themselves to two singles of the last three balls

Stokes comes back on the field at the end of the over with a big band-aid on his hand and a smile on his face

VDD takes Archer’s slower ball and sweeps it six times deep into the pasture at the corner of the cow.He beats the next delivery to the middle for a one bounce four.He buckled it up and it got hard and flat and although Stokes got a hand on it, it bent his pinky finger on his left hand which then broke his fall into the billboard. He now has a pretty deep cut on his left pinky and has to go

After a delay, VDD picks up where it left off, hammering a straight ride for four Archer decides to use brutal force to stop the attack, ricochet it and force VDD to duck but the next ball is full and in Slot and Archer beats him for another six over Midwicket A pull gives him a good run two from the last ball and brings his record to 22 from the over, Archer’s most expensive in T20 cricket Archer finishes 4-0-44-0

Du Plessis takes on Tom Curran, who stands in his crease and kills a towering slog – half driven, half pulled – over the bowler’s head for six seconds.

Tom C, however, slows down and lets Du Plessis play and miss two singles and two, until Du Plessis ends with another Dorothy Dix, a long ball that he hits on the side of the leg behind a square as he opened his handle and the face, rolling his wrists the other way

Chris Jordan, who made the breakthrough in his only game so far and bagged QdK for the third time in the series Du Plessis is working a single from his hip in front of the square, VDD is trying to sink a short one in the kitchen but done and finished by the lack of pace for another single in the middle Du Plessis hits a single one on the floor, VDD lower edges cut a cut for another After five single games with five balls, VDD manages to pierce the infield with his feet, turning a York into a low full throw and going through Midwicket four times, cutting Long On and Midwicket in half

Archer returns and, after Du Plessis hits a foursome through the middle, his hands splitting on the handle as if swinging a pimple, hits Faf on his index finger.Three singles finish the over, each of them in the Onside, none of them got the timing right

Du Plessis was hanging around the backdrops, but on the inside edges he tried to stick into his pad instead of being fenced in After jamming a single in the middle, he watches from the other end as Van der Dussen plays a wonderful move on one leg for four. VDD dabs a single and Rashid ends the game with two more bullets to Du Plessis He finishes his spell with a 4-0-20-2, with half of his 24 deliveries being bullets

The right handers take two (Faf) and one (vd Dussen) to cover Stokes and play orthodox punches against slower balls until Du Plessis goes for the ramp and tickles them very well from the bottom corner of the toe for four He takes a look at a single one, hands Van der Dussen a ball, and plays it great He pulls hard and high from the outside of the chest stump at chest level for six over Midwicket

Perfect conditions for Rashid, as Du Plessis doesn’t dare to risk a charge against him after the stump and is circled in his crease. He has to be content with two singles, just like VDD

I forgot to mention that Chris Jordan is ahead of Stuart Broad as England’s leading T20 wicket taker at 66 when he fired Quinton de Kock

Only three singles from Stokes’ second over and the wicket. He was positively Dernbachisch today with his repertoire of slower balls

Hendricks c Buttler b Stokes 13 After missing a tough chance at Hendricks bowling from Tom Curran, he stokes a good low for Stokes It was a slower ball and died of Buttler diving to his right but he got his fingers comfortably under it FOW64 / 3

Brilliant from Rashid, who builds on his questioning of Faf in Paarl, ties him up for four point balls and the only damage to his figures is two conservative thrusts for singles

Ben Stokes starts with a cake, full, flowing and wide, and Hendricks creams it through the ceiling with kohliesque panache for four. Hendricks opens his face to slide a single one through the backward point, Bavuma ducks into a doorman , then dabs two through the point and continues for two too long Stokes berates Archer for “sleeping” and not limiting her to a single one from the second, but he’s happier when he scrambles Bavuma on the rocks with a slower speed lures to end the end

Bavuma c Jordan b Stokes 32 Oh dear, cut him right in the middle Another pretty cameo, but SA can’t find anyone to step on FOW 61/2

Like clockwork Adil Rashid comes by for the seventh time and bamboozelt Hendricks and Bavuma, who take two singles from the first five balls.A ball for Hendricks was a Jaffa who dived in before drifting, then turned away from the edge and put him and Buttler hit Bavuma, tripping the over with a fine shot, using the flight to get under a drive, and hit him six times over the low midfield

Tom Curran replaces Archer and the batsmen work him for a couple of singles and two. The field is dead and when Curran uses the cutter, the batsmen have to do all the work and put all their effort into the blow or rely on luck like Hendricks does with a thick edge that would have been a dolly to slip first but hit Buttler’s right thumb as he climbed up and down to his right

Chris Jordan is the first change today, coming to De Kock for the wicket, starting with a slower ball that ‘Quinny’ shovels around the corner for a single Bavuma stretches to get a ball from the bottom three inches of his racket cut to the point sweeper for a single De Kock swings a slower ball and misses it Then he jumps off the top half of his racket, surprised by the regular pace, into Tom Curran’s throat

Bavuma almost takes cover to Stokes with a stupid run. He rushes to the right, shy of the non-striker who is missed by a mustache. Neither the bowler nor Morgan in the middle were able to get into the stumps in time to catch them and whip the bail

De Kock c Tom Curran b Jordan 17 Jordan played around with De Kock’s timing with a series of slower balls, then delivers one with full fur and De Kock dresses a straight drive in the middle that runs to his left to him seize FOW 34/1

Archer continues at a steady 100 km / h to start and only get a single hit in the first half of the over when Bavuma opens his face again and finely dabs the ball for a point

Archer ties De Kock outside the tree stump until he walks over his tree stumps and tosses them over his shoulder on purpose for four people, on purpose for four people from a thick inside edge Fine leg moves much finer, but it makes no difference since De Kock uses those smooth wrists to take the ball off the stump and stroke it six times over a deep back square, perfect pick-up stroke

First limit of the day after De Kock walked over his stumps and flicked behind the square. The throw from the short, fine leg would have made him a non-striker if he had hit

Bavuma sweetly draws for four and then carts the next off a ball that is not so short on the outside with a bat halfway between vertical and horizontal for six. Three singles end the game after the two-ball attack made the hit rate again in some way respectable

Archer starts with four point balls to the pint-sized Bavuma, of which the second hits the seam and deviates from a preliminary defensive. A snort Bavuma mediates the others, but can only beat the infield on the fifth delivery, which he with his dominance in the Lower hand pushes from a fourth stump line down the field to the middle and buys the time to sprint a single De Kock plays tip and run, dropping the last ball over his pad at his feet while loosening his grip and bavuma for calls through

“I usually bowl with the shorter side on the side of the leg to give the other bowlers more space to play” – nice little nugget from Archer #SAvENG

It’s windy, there are heavy clouds over Table Mountain and a hint of rain in the air Sam Curran will take the new ball to the side and hip stretches De Kock cuts the first straight ball for a single from his pads Bavuma opens the Face to distract a single pass point, and De Kock closes face to push a single pass through the center

Curran puts a pair of point balls with two shorter balls in the scorebook, one on Bavuma’s hip, the other slower and on the outside, which he taps on the point. The right-hander hits the punch with a sharp point and runs for cover

Rabada has a problem and Klaasen is feeling bad – so no rotation with regard to the 50-over streak, so Michael Atherton will enforce your changes

“We would have liked to have beaten first, it will take a while, in retrospect we would have bowled differently in the first game, but today is a difficult challenge. We thought about getting a weirdo in Moeen Ali, but we want our triumph Don’t take it for granted with our best available squad “

South Africa: 1 Quinton de Kock (Capt, Week), 2 Temba Bavuma, 3 Faf du Plessis, 4 Rassie van der Dussen, 5 Reeza Hendricks, 6 P van Biljon, 7 George Linde, 8 Lungi Ngidi, 9 Lutho Sipamla, 10 Anrich Nortje, 11 Tabraiz Shamsi

England: 1 Jason Roy, 2 Jos Buttler (week), 3 Dawid Malan, 4 Jonny Bairstow, 5 Ben Stokes, 6 Eoin Morgan (Capt), 7 Sam Curran, 8 Tom Curran, 9 Chris Jordan, 10 Jofra Archer , 11 Adil Rashid

And welcome to coverage of the third T20 international between South Africa and England The touring team won the series due to two narrow wins in the first two games, driven by Jonny Bairstow in Newlands and Dawid Malan, Jofra Archer, Chris Jordan and Adil Rashid in Paarl

With the fate of the series at stake, the time has come for some experimentation to give Sam Billings a chance in top order and match bowling given Reece Topley, Mark Wood and Moeen Ali knowing that Adil Rashid, Jofra Archer and Chris Jordan will be playing in the opening game of World T20 next fall, it would make sense to drop them today and give the other bowlers a chance to show off their skills value, in Moeen’s case, as one of two spinners they will need in India, the other two as alternatives to the Curran brothers

According to the Press Association, England might prefer to get Jason Roy back in shape before the one-days rather than shuffling the deck

South Africa is still without Andile Phehlukwayo and David Miller, although both are expected to be available for the next series, which means Quinton de Kock will play with the core of a previously beaten team The captain explains: “It was disappointing to lose but I don’t think we’re going to change much”

“We want to give our other guys a chance, but I think we need a win for our own sake

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South Africa versus England, Dawid Malan

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