Death in Paradise star Ralf Little has some great ideas for the 11 Season – and it would involve the show’s former detectives; Kris Marshall, Ardal O’Hanlon and Ben Miller

Chat with HELLO! In an exclusive Q&A about Ben returning to the show for season 10 and when he wants other former castmates to make a comeback, he stated, “I was a fan of Ben Miller before I met him, I met him Death in Paradise because I was in the second season and we got along very well

“We’ve known each other since then so he’s a friend, I’m a fan, and to be honest, I was as excited as the fans because it felt like a real treat to have him back!” / p>

“I was just disappointed that I didn’t have any scenes with him, that would have been great fun. It was a pleasure to have him and it just felt very special”

He continued, “It would be pretty fun to have all four detectives [appear together] – especially since Ben Miller can pop into someone’s imagination! It would be pretty fun to have all four detectives [appear together] in a strange mash -up, we all share the same hallucination from Ben Miller me, Ardal, Kris and Ben, and we solve the case! “

Fans were thrilled that Ben was returning to the series, so we can imagine this would go down well! At the time, one person wrote on Twitter: “Wonderful episode of #DeathinParadise! And seeing @ActualBenMiller and @Iam_SaraMartins back together brought tears to my eyes – bravo, and thank you for ten brilliant years!”

Another added: “The last two episodes were the best episodes in the last decade, congratulations to the cast and crew for creating something so incredible! One of the best #DeathInParadise TV shows” A third fan wrote, “This episode was AMAZING I am literally headed over to BBC iPlayer to watch it 50 more times”

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Ralf Little

Weltnachrichten – GB – Death in Paradise star Ralf Little wants all former detectives to return for a special episode