Disney Princesses are something that everyone has a favorite, the one you like the most explains a lot about your personality

Disney Princesses are an icon and have helped shape the childhood of tons of viewers. When it comes to these young women dreaming of the freedom of a regal, boring life, there are plenty of female characters who hit audiences outside of the box as well Loved Disney World

In the sample of princesses that Disney brought to life, it’s easy to find similarities between them in terms of their desires, ambitions, and struggles, but what’s more obvious is how their creators highlighted them by adding Having brought very different personalities to the screen, this has helped these female characters stand out from their own, therefore, most fans have their own favorite princess and can relate to any of her unique traits

The viewer was introduced to the “femme fatale” Megara in Hercules as an atypical Disney princess. While seducing the hero of this ancient Greek story, she turned out to be a sarcastic, cynical and quite realistic person about her life and the mean intentions of others People Megara is an incredibly irresistible woman to Hercules and eventually brings her happy with her after overcoming the betrayal of the past and allowing herself to believe in love again

If she happens to be your favorite princess, you are most likely mysterious, fearless, and tough on the outside, even though you are really soft on the inside, but you only show that part of you to those you trust the most

Much like Megara, Mulan didn’t fit in with the classic Disney model of the “Virgin in Need Waiting for a Prince to Save Her” When she was introduced to the public in the film named after her, many fans were surprised to meet such a feminist, mature, smart and ambitious young woman

If someone is a huge Mulan fan, maybe they are someone who is brave, adventurous and not afraid to do whatever it takes to protect those who are closest to you.This character is not only resilient and smart, but also an experienced fighter It is easy to imagine that someone who identifies with her the most is overall strong, confident, loyal, and very focused on using their physical and mental abilities to achieve their goals

This princess is an empowering reference for women out there fans know that she is athletic, strong, free spirited, and tenacious, and these traits make her character so inspiring Pocahontas’ bold and bright traits show how passionate she is about her beliefs , even if she can be cautious and analytical in her decisions

If she is the character someone loves the most, she may be a person who is not easily fooled and who most of all enjoys having fun and being independent on matters of the heart, however, you can be so intense that that you could inadvertently hurt your cadre by putting love before loyalty to your people

In the shared universe of the Disney Princesses, Snow White was the first to exist, and she is perhaps the most nostalgic of all your story in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has always fascinated viewers.She is innocent, sweet, kind, and shy of yours Unfortunately, genuine care for others and their compassionate nature have put them in dangerous situations as well

So, anyone who likes you best is likely a kind hearted person who easily puts others first and tends to be gullible but you are also someone who works hard regardless of the circumstances and is always contagious at the same time is optimistic about the people around you

Countless women of the ’90s were inspired by Princess Belle’s strong-willed, determined, and affectionate personality when Beauty & The Beast came out In addition to being incredibly smart and wise beyond her years, she learned to book a book not by its cover to judge when it came to her relationship with her and her father’s kidnapper, through the power of love and forgiveness, the influence of this book-loving woman in the life of the beast changed his heart forever

If someone loves her more than any other princess, they are likely a person who is benevolent, charismatic, highly intelligent, cultured, humble to the pain of others, and passionate about reading romances

Princess Jasmine, the lover of the fearless Aladdin, flew high on her romantic adventures with him.She is amiable and girlish, but also lively, sarcastic and funnyThe daughter of Agrabah’s Sultan has a strong personality and inquisitive mind, traits that she inspired to want to see the world beyond the walls of her palace Jasmine is also aware of the seductive powers when she must use them to her advantage, and she is not afraid to be naughty

If she happens to be your favorite princess, there is a high chance that you are a brave, daring person who isn’t afraid to speak your mind and even if you had all the money in the world, you wouldn’t let that happen it ruins your morals / ethics

Aside from the fact that she is a gorgeous Sleeping Beauty, there is plenty to admire about Princess Aurora, fans who rate her highly, are likely the perfect blend of radiant personalities and sensitive, guarded people while showing that she is funny, energetic and can be sociable, Aurora also has a low-key, classy way of being that is charming to viewers

But being raised in a cottage by three fairies had its impact on turning a 16-year-old teenager into one of the most gullible princesses in the Disney clan – she easily fell in love with the first man she met, and though Both had pure intentions, Aurora proved that she was also kind of naive

A brave, beautiful young lady who dreamed higher than any other Disney princess, the beloved Cinderella Her well-known story has influenced the lives of so many people over generations.Cinderella’s hardworking nature, kindness and strength of will were the keys to this poor man Turning abused girls into something special Growing up, it certainly wasn’t easy for her and that made her even more deserving for her happy fairy tale ending, in which love prevailed

If she is the character someone loves most, they may be extremely hardworking at any job (and admire those who have a strong work ethic), they are hopeless romantics, but they also tend to be sheltered, because they also know what trauma and betrayal feel like

There is hardly a bubbly, naive, and incredibly gullible princess in the Disney world as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.She carries all of these traits through a good chunk of the film until her story arc evolves to bring her confidence and one Much higher maturity discovers your desire to live beyond the sea, turns out to be a call to independence and shows how lively it really is

If Ariel happens to be your favorite princess, there is a high chance that you are curious and enjoy learning new things, but at times you can be irresponsible and rash because you can easily disregard the advice of others and have a hard time thinking about the consequences of your actions before you grab them

The charming and free-spirited Anna from Frozen is a true role model for a modern princess. Her independent young attitude and strong bond with her sister Elsa show that she values ​​drumming to her own rhythm while being very loyal to her family There is a lot of adventure in Anna’s life and in the end her bravery seems to be one of her greatest qualities

She’s enthusiastic, passionate, and by far the funniest Disney princess – though she goes through a difficult and isolated upbringing.If she’s your favorite character, then maybe you are a quirky, clumsy person who has a real sense of wonder about the world and is not afraid to share your overloaded energy with others

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