Pop star Duncan James has been separated from his Brazilian friend Rodrigo Reis since Christmas due to lockdown, but the couple still appear to be very much loved

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The blue star Duncan James has revealed that his mother Fiona approves of his romance with his partner Rodrigo Reis

The 42-year-old singer performed with his Brazilian friend at Loose Women on Wednesday, where they talked about their relationship and their first meeting

Duncan explained, “We met in Belgium a few years ago, I did a gig with the guys and I met Rodrigo at the after party. I said,” He’s hot””

Loose women panelist Ruth Langsford asked Rodrigo if he knew who Duncan was before meeting him because he was “quite famous”

Rodrigo spoke of his home in Brazil and replied: “No, I have not. In Brazil, where I come from, they are not that famous

The ladies at Loose Women then asked if they’d managed to meet each other’s families before the strict lockdown rules

Duncan replied, “Before we went into this crazy lockdown world, Rodrigo’s mother came from Brazil and we all went to Ghent in Belgium with my mother”

Duncan revealed that his mother, Fiona, is getting along with his boyfriend and continued, “It is very important to get that approval from my mother. Historically, my mother has not really liked my partners, but she likes Rodrigo”

Duncan went on to say that this is his first relationship with a man he has gone public with, and the response has been wonderful

However, it was not easy for Duncan and Rodrigo to be apart due to the pandemic

“It was hard we were four months apart and then we managed to see each other when we had that break,” he said

“We saw each other for Christmas, which was nice, but I haven’t seen him since”

Rodrigo further confirmed that he met Duncan’s daughter Tianie Finn, whom he greeted with ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger in February 2005

James came out privately as gay to his Blue Band member Simon Webbe in 2012

In a 2014 interview, James stated that he still has sex with women but identifies as a gay man

During his chat with Loose Women, he admitted that getting out was not an easy decision due to “pressure from the record company”

Duncan James

World News – UK – Duncan James admits the Brazilian beau is the first man he’s dated his mother likes

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