Adam Woodyatt, best known for his 35-year role as Ian Beale in EastEnders, and his estranged wife Bev are reportedly unable to get some fair deal as the divorce proceedings continue

EastEnders icon Adam Woodyatt’s divorce from estranged 22-year-old Bev has reportedly taken a poisonous turn

It has been reported that the Ian Beale actor is not offering a “fair deal” to his former partner

A source told The Sun: “Despite what he says publicly, she had to bring in lawyers to fight her corner

Adam and Bev tied the knot at Disney World, Florida in 1998 and are believed to have split in 2019

It has been said that the former couple told their close friends about their breakup at some point last year

The Albert Square Legend will take a long hiatus from EastEners to star in a show

The soap star has played the Walford businessman Ian since 1985 and is the longest-serving actor

EastEnders viewers saw the drama of Ian Beale catch up with him when a number of people whose feathers he disheveled were recently suspects of his attempted murder

The identity of his attempted killers was revealed on Christmas Day when his new wife, Sharon and Phil Mitchell

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World News – UK – EastEnders’ divorce from Adam Woodyatt turns toxic as they argue over fair deals