Bad eyelashes, wrong selection and arguments with referees: England’s worst winter day should have lost every chance of a famous series in India

On a worst-case scenario chart, this would have been top England won the throw, picking four sailors, but was knocked out when the field of play by spinners who split nine for 64 in the first two sessions of the game was best suited for hitting

In the end, India was 99 for three, and Jack Leach, England’s stand-alone crank, had to drop two of the three wickets, including the late Virat Kohli, but with Rohit Sharma looking ominous on an undefeated 57, India is a good session of that removed from being out of sight

Joe Root had a face like thunder, twittered at the umpires, angry with decisions he had made in a hurry and preferred the home team.He must know that his chance to join Alastair Cook, David Gower and Tony Greig as the victor of English captains in India has passed and it hurts it will take a fairytale performance to reverse this

The umpires weren’t to blame or the field of play, but England’s batting. They were all out for 112 and lost eight for 36 in a 26 over breakdown, the fourth straight time they were left out for under 200. You must have for the last time go back to 1909

Of the 40 wickets in those four innings, 34 have fallen in spin and England’s batsmen have been suspended since the first two days of the first Test when they were doing a lot on a flat field

England’s confidence in Root has also been evident. Since his 218 in the series’ first innings, he has scored 100 in his next three; his colleagues could not support him

The selection of four seamers was a mistake that is faintly perceived for years to come and that also reflected the state of English spin bowling England knew it was going to change, but Root clearly has more faith in its seamen than Dom Bess, which is why he asked Moeen Ali to continue

The mistake was made worse by the selection of Stuart Broad and James Anderson. Once again England shifted their legends. They were right in picking Jofra Archer for his pace, but wrong in not giving him the new ball when they needed wickets Once they’d settled on four sailors, Chris Woakes should have played in front of Broad to at least lengthen his eyelashes

Rotation is important for bowlers, but not for batsmen. Jonny Bairstow was in shape when he went home after two tests in Sri Lanka but could barely hit a ball when he chalked a duck with nine balls

Covid bubbles are tough and players need a break, but Bairstow could have missed the white ball leg to revive his testing career and run to 3rd place, one such key position instead, his comeback was interrupted by going home at least the Sunrisers will be happy. At the beginning of the IPL he should be back in tune with the conditions and the nick

Zak Crawley’s classic half century showed what a threat he will be on real Australian fields next winter, but his stroke aside, it was a sad succession of batsmen startled by spin

The exception was Dom Sibley, the only English wicket to fall in the seam.If Crawley’s shooting game with a view of the ashes was delicious, Sibley’s dismissal was less encouraging.He struggled and nibbled on the stump outside to get Ishant Sharama nine balls for his 100th Test to give

Crawley unfolded some wonderful drives to prove he was past his wrist injury. To be seen was Rory Burns, who was first dropped by England. There are enough questions on her eyelash to keep him from writing

Bairstow wasted a rating when he missed Patel’s first ball, a straight one that hit him in the front, and soon Patel and Ashwin whirred away together. They were superb, barely played a bad ball, built up pressure, and challenged both edges with a combination big gymnasts and straight deliveries that took up the majority of the wickets

Crawley ran ten fours from 58 balls to fifty, but only made two of his next 26 once Patel and Ashwin reached their length. Patel’s three-stroke combination broke through. Crawley left an arm ball that just missed the stump , was hit next by one spinning past its outer edge and hit by the third – the straight one in the pads

Ashwin landed the biggest punch and took root away when misjudging length and stuck lbw. The English trial style was summed up on the hind foot by too many players

Ollie Pope was bowled by Ashwin playing on the wrong line and Ben Stokes is cuddling against spin right now. A straight four ahead of Ashwin was his only aggressive shot. He went nowhere, couldn’t turn the stroke and was finished for six from 24 balls to a straight ball by Patel

The tail started at eight with Archer It Was Easy to Pick Archer was bowled by another armball, Leach hit Ashwin for a slip, and Broad blocked him for 29 balls before sweeping from the top. Patel finished with six for 38; A new Indian star was born

Broad had a ball in his hand and the lights hardly cast shadows England’s mood soon darkened as the third referee quickly ruled that Shubman Gill had been grounded by Stokes It was the right call, but could have scanned a few more close-ups first, England’s siege mentality took over

Archer ricocheted off Gill, hitting a top edge but was largely ineffective as he wasn’t the hardest man to get his hands on, and Leach sacked Cheteshwar Pujara for the third time in five innings, another straight ball yielded success. P>

Root was further upset when the TV referee again quickly ruled that Rohit had a toe behind the line when he was caught off guard by Foakes Pope dropped Kohli in the ravine to add to the frustration that came out of all things, when Leach showed real emotion, as Kohli kept chopping, It had been a long day and a long night

But I’ll be back light and early on day two. Stay tuned through Telegraph Sports for more feedback

454 – James Anderson made 454 deliveries without firing Virat Kohli in Test Cricket During this time he was dropped from his bowling three times while waiting #INDvENG BildTwittercom / jM0Ze0o31K

It really was India’s day you were on top from start to finish. Kohli’s late wicket will give England a little hope for tomorrow

Quite a few overs stayed out today, partly because of the gates, partly because of the slow over rate

He survives the first ball. Rahane kicks the second, but he doesn’t slip, jumps past the field player and brings him a single one

Kohli rocks back to cut, it’s too close to the stumps and he’s chopping it on the stumps Huge wicket for England! The Indian captain is leaving

Archer attacks and replaces Anderson I think this is a good move by Root, with a few overs a day Kohli takes a ride across the floor without running. He then sets off the next ball for two one single follows / p>

Leach looks dangerous. Rohit contemplates a reverse sweep but backs off. He made Stokes move, but the shot never came

Leach then rumbles past Rohit’s outside edge and Foakes quickly whips off the bail Huge attraction, but Rohit was there! England are not happy with the third referee’s quick decision (not for the first time again)

Anderson, up to his ninth place, continues And it’s another catch from Pope! This was a regulation in contrast to the last

Kohli leads it straight into the hands of Pope at Gully, who shoots it! He should have taken that! England cannot lose any chances, especially not with their sum, especially not with Kohli

It is not long in the day and India is approaching England’s total with only two wickets down

Leach continues Rohit tries a paddle sweep, Pope anticipates it, moves to his right and dives early Pope gets a hand and almost an absolute shouter That was so close. Great anticipation from Pope

Leach then hits Kohli and everything ends spinning and jumping Kohli takes one off the last ball of a good passing from England’s spinner

Anderson continues with no mistakes in line and length. Can he break through? There isn’t much sideways movement for him

Rohit cuts a single from his pads Anderson then falls a little short and wide, Kohli carves the ball for four through the coverage point. Enormous shot

Rohit takes a quick single, Leach then delivers an unplayable ball to Kohli, who spins and bounces

Anderson attacks again, replacing Leach A change was needed. He’s on the money right now, producing four consecutive bullets for Kohli and a few more

Stokes has not bowled well so far. And he starts over with another loose shipment that Rohit cuts for two people

Stokes recovers with some good supplies The crease causes problems again England complains about the loss of the foot Rohit slides one of the back feet through the free fourth slip area for four before cutting a single off to his fifty off only get 63 balls out!

Rohit falls and runs offside from Leach’s inaugural delivery of the over.The pair then swap singles from India looks a little too comfortable for England’s taste They urgently need a wicket

Stokes starts with a wide, his bouncer too high Kohli then nails one of his hips for four Exquisite Timing

Rohit dances the way down to Leach He got it wrong, but still gets four Rohit wanted to park it in the middle of the break in the stands, instead it went from the inner half through the wide middle Then he takes one

Leach almost pushes one between Kohli’s bat and block. A fine inner edge saves Kohli, who picks up two strips. Kohli then cuts off one, who lands just before Bairstow. Rohit then takes two

This is where Stokes comes in for the first time. He was discharged today, first with his discharge and then with the overturned catch. Can Stokes deliver a fiery spell to match his attitude? His side needs a

His first ball is short and Kohli pulls it for four that was an old-fashioned half-tracker, the Indian captain then takes a quick single

Rohit’s hands slap back at his skipper with a clip of his hips. Six from above

Leach sneaks straight ahead and hits the pads by Rohit The decision is not made but that looked very close After some advice on root reviews There is no bat involved But it goes over the stumps – NOT OUT! In fairness, Sharma was pretty far down

Rohit takes a quick single from Leach’s first delivery over Kohli brings one to THAT DEEP COVER England left Kohli a little under pressure early in their innings

Rohit drives Leach for another single 50 for the home team! Then Kohli takes you into deep cover, you guessed it

He starts on a length that is respectfully blocked. This is an excellent test of cricket Two world class batsmen who face Archer under lights with a pink ball

We have a streaker on the field and unexpected delay And the end continues, Kohli keeps blocking Archer A short ball has to come. Not yet, girls

England desperately needed those two gates – can they grab another pair tonight to keep the game alive?

Leach drives on to Kohli. He shoots faster on the side of the leg, which Foakes can’t stop. Two bye admitted

The left arm turns around and Kohli comes off the spot with a clip for two. India’s captain then works one too deep for cover – who probably doesn’t have to be at the border at this point

Jack Leach has sacked Cheteshwar Pujara three times in this series. No nut has ever sacked Pujara four times in a home series #INDvENG

Archer is full, outside of stump to Rohit, carefully leaving a few deliveries. Then he releases a bumper and Rohit pulls for four. That’s already the battle One of the bouncer’s best bouncers against one of the world’s best pullers

Rohit pulls again, this time edging it for four over Foakes’ head A very unconvincing border

Kohli, his team is under pressure He is blocking a shipment to finish an excellent leach

England is on the move! It is the straight one who gets Pujara. The ball is full and does not spin, this is perpendicular. Pujara does not rate

Leach starts his second too short. Rohit cuts off for a border rider

Pujara brushes out for his first delivery. He dances down the field and blocks. Pujara always uses his feet so intelligently against spin

Archer shoots another bouncer, Gill tries the hook and sends him straight into the air. Crawley makes a simple catch not far from the field

Archer starts his second over, he’s getting the ball down in the high eighties right now

The quick one makes you jump one length and hit the splice of Gill’s bat The ball lands safely The next ball rolls across the floor

It’s a double change that Leach also attacks on Can he repeat the success India’s nutcases had early in the day?

The first ball of his magic is calmly worked on by Rohit for a Leach then gets one that Gill grows up and another

Archer is on the attack! Over time there is a delay since Stokes accidentally used saliva on the ball England gets a warning and the ball is being disinfected

Archer delivers a bouncer with his third ball and Rohit pulls him for four He loves that shot Rohit then carves one for four out of the netball through the offside position ominous signs for England The crowd is up and according to Rohit sensibly takes a

On 10 Ball of India’s Innings ???? in response to Englans total 112? Rohit Sharma pushed Stuart Broad against Ben Stokes, who was on the field on the second slip

Stokes took the muzzle down with his fingers, but the ball slipped off them as he tried to complete the muzzle. The rounder claimed the muzzle and the soft signal from Referee Anil Chaudhary on the field was off, but the third umpire quickly ruled that the ball was grounded and not cleanly caught by Stokes, and ruled that Sharma was not out

Broad slams you briefly and Rohit does not pull convincingly for one Gill then hits two through the offside position

Anderson continues – on the other end, it might be time for some Archer while the ball is still hard

Rohit inside an edge, a single creeping Anderson then falls short and Gill pulls the ball for four from the forefoot What a shot!

Anderson then crashes to the floor as he delivers a points ball and stares back from the floor at the crease with disdain

Broad is still upset by the footprints from his end He almost rolled his ankle last The crease is no longer flat The usher is back pounding the crease to smooth it It looks like a chore

Broad drops off briefly and is cut to the limit in style – Gill is finally off! Great comeback from Broad who manages to jump past the batsman’s edge

Four point balls follow India barely got away from England in the first 10 overs, but the important thing is that they haven’t lost a wicket

Anderson’s ankle seems fine. He continues to feel for Rohit with a hint of sideways movement. Another girl delivered by England’s best

Rohit pinches a single from Broad’s Over Gill’s first ball then tries an extravagant drive, he doesn’t connect No Run

The pitch seems to be causing a problem The runners are making large indentations in the crease Broads ankle is playing now The groundsmen are trying to fix the problem by flattening it

Broad hits Gill’s pads and rolls away like it was a plum – a classic Broad ‘celebrappeal’ it doesn’t dispense, it looked up and went down the leg

ENGLAND REVIEW! It was closer than I thought, the referee call – the decision is NOT OVER!

Anderson pushes you back into Gill’s pads to start over. It’s moving too much to be a lbw scream

Worrying for Anderson, he goes back to his start-up rather cautiously. Looks like his ankle is a bit sore. Hopefully he can go on

The evening has really started. Broad starts the session, full and direct, respectfully blocked by Rohit Then he splashes you down the ravine, but Pope makes a good stop. No run

Wide peaks and Rohit nails it through the additional cover four four The English sailor reacts well and pushes one back Rohit left it and the ball didn’t miss much

1 – @ akshar2026 is the first Indian spinner to have completed a five-wicket move in D / N tests He’s only the sixth weirdo to record a five-wicket move in games like this Pink #INDvENG BildTwittercom / zr89AkgyPJ

If England allows India to get a good result, a little over 200 given England’s little effort, then the streak could well be gone

Can England’s sailors do that with the pink ball under lights? You are under a lot of pressure

There is now a 40 minute break in which lunch and tea are swapped during this day / night test

This is the final part of the session. Can Anderson Make the Breakthrough? Gill chops one back to his stump and kicks the ball away just in time

Anderson then pops one off a length and hits the splice of the racket from the full length. Difficult to play

Gill sensibly leaves a tempter Just one more ball in session – and Gill survives

Test cricket success: England over the past four years – 77? n Stokes in the past four years – 70% # INDvENG

Broad gets an excellent carry, forcing Foakes to take you right in front of his face even though the ball is served

Anderson continues at the other end. Rohit pushes the ball through the gutter across the floor and Pope makes an excellent dive stop. No run

Rohit gets the first round of the innings and pushes a single offside. Anderson pushes you back into Gill’s pads and goes way down

England can’t afford to lose the odds given the score. It has been tough and very close but the right decision has been made

Broad draws an edge from Broad with a hint of movement. Stokes takes an excellent low catch in the slips. Gill claims Stokes gets airborne but the ball clearly hits the ground NOT OUT

Gill is playing and tentatively missing and blowing on a ball that he didn’t have to play on. We’re having some technical issues with the lights that are holding up the game

It is Anderson who will begin the session for England. They desperately need wickets, otherwise the series could slip away from them

Anderson has the first pair pulled away from Rohit in decent form under the lights Rohit tries a vacation but accidentally makes contact with the ball going straight down

Well, today hasn’t gone according to plan for Joe Roots’ side. They won the toss and were kicked out for 112. England also picked just one spinner while nine of the Indian wickets came on spins

A word for Crawley who got an excellent hit rate of 53. Not much credit to anyone

Foakes stones back to cut them, but the ball doesn’t spin and cannons into the stump over a small inside edge

Bumrah is involved in the attack and is tasked with cleaning up the last wicket. Foakes cuts his first ball through the middle of the wicket for four. Nice timing from the goalkeeper

The second ball is blocked, but is counted as a no-ball. A valuable free run for England

Foakes rejects a single from the third ball of the over and protects his No. 11 Then he works one and leaves Anderson with two balls in his face

Bumrah fires a bumper that Anderson is tentatively avoidingOne down Then predictably comes the Yorker Anderson does well to stay out

Foakes is on strike again when the batsmen crossed He plays the ball too long and hits Anderson with a ball to survive Anderson does just that, England refuses single

Broad tries a slog sweep, comes underneath and the ball goes straight to Bumrah on the border

Ashwin shoots the ball on the stumps, forcing Broad to poke at every ball. He exaggerates, Broad takes a ride through the roof, but Rohit makes a mind-boggling stop No run

Hello everyone India is really at the top England can only hope to make it to the finals and then let the new ball flit around under lights

How was that missing ?! Foakes knocks back the first three balls of this Axar, but is bamboozelt by an absolute Jaffa It drifts in, stands up in a line and then turns past a tree stump Another girl from Axar And these are drinks Jake Goodwill takes over after the resumption managing the blog

Two big LBW calls from India, but England lags behind eight. Every ball feels like an event at the moment

The next ball Ashwin plays hits Broad again on the pad It is turned far from outside the left-handed’s stump and is not spent Kohli decides to check – but is far from missing the leg Breit survives Again

Foakes turns the blow to the mid-wicket limit with a whipped single Then Broad plants his foreleg and tries a big swing Great appeal for the LBW The referee lifts his finger Comprehensive reviews – it just turned too much and one is missing Obtuse broad survived straight

England says goodbye to start over Axar continues to aim for the stumps but Foakes moves his feet well to defend two supplies before hitting the ground for a single Broad tries a big outside blow and hits nothing but air then he plays the final delivery for a point in the panties

Broad is defending well to hold off Ashwin’s first five deliveries before sweeping to a long leg for a single on the sixth – he’ll keep the strike

Axar stumbles off another quick maiden. He’s 4-35 out of 17 and has given England all kinds of problems

Axar Patel did a wonderful bowling in Ahmedabad. He missed England’s right-handers with 24% of his deliveries #INDvENG

This was not what Joe Root had in mind when he won the throw and decided to hit first. That was a sharp hook from Pujara to dismiss Leach. Stuart Broad is the next man and Ashwin will settle for the sight of another left-handed man Licking his lips Broad is pushing for two to leave the mark and hit England’s 100

Foakes flicks Ashwin into the middle of the wicket to make one start over. Leach defends a ball, then moves forward on the next and hits Pujara in the cordon. The soft signal is off. The third referee has a look. Pujara’s fingers are under the Ball and it’s given Ashwin caught another left-handed

Foakes works Axar off for a single before Leach squirts one for two from his outside edge through the cordon England approaches 100

Leach plays an Ashwin maiden If my calculations are correct, there have been 10 overs since Zak Crawley was fired – England is 14-4 at that time

Archer has been cleaned up quite extensively by Axar; It got stuck on its crease and saw the faster ball hit his bar. Jack Leach comes in and cuts one off its outer edge to reach the target

Slightly shorter and faster from Axar and it slips through and rushes Archer, who is too slow on it and sees his stump being pushed back Axar’s fourth wicket of the day

Archer shows offensive intent, cuts a short ball from Ashwin for four, then launches a hard blow that hits Shubman Gill and runs away for a single Foakes sees the last of the deliveries

Just one single over for Archer from this Axar It’s another decent linker who has shown fantastic control and also hit the racket several times England failed their attempt by spin in the second test and is doing so again here

Ashwin varies his pace against Archer and tries to lure him into the big shot Archer defends well and throws the fourth ball for a single on a fine leg Very few poor balls from the Indian spinners, so the pressure continues to grow

Close! Axar gropes for foakes and pushes forward – there is an optimistic scream of “catch it” but it passes the man quite sharply. Then Foakes is hit on the pad but it seems like it is sneaking up the leg India Decides not to check out Another fantastic one from Axar

Foakes gets off the spot for a single from Ashwin before Archer hard-sweeps England’s first runs since tea break for four

Another wicket girl for Axar Stokes has been caught at the crease and this is the fourth LBW of the innings Jofra Archer is the next man in

Going from bad to much, much worse Stokes takes a half step but is pounded on the knee roll of his back pad by Axar It is dumped on the field but Stokes reviews The umpire call comes up all the way up so we stay When deciding on the field Stokes must go

A wicket maiden from Ashwin who now has two wickets Pope got stuck in the crease for the wicket ball and had his rod kick back Ben Foakes comes in seventh for England and pats his first two deliveries

Cleans it up Ashwin around the wicket to Pope, who is pushing forward to play for the break, but it goes straight and rattles into its off-stump England now in deep, deep trouble

Zak Crawley played fluently on the way to a beautiful 53 before being caught by Axar Patel. This statistic relates how fast Crawley rode in that first session

68 deliveries for half a century by Zak Crawley It’s the fastest 50 from an English opener in the first innings of a Test since Marcus Trescothick’s 61-ball attempt against the West Indies in July 2004 #INDvENG

Prior to this test, Sir Geoffrey Boycott’s Telegraph Sports column examined how England had to come up with a different way of playing India’s weirdo. Axar Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin have taken three of the four wickets to fall so far

Rishi Persad says “England are precariously placed” and that sums it up pretty well. After winning the throw, Joe Root would have hoped his team could score the first innings overall, but they have Dom Sibley and Jonny Bairstow early because of Ducks lost Zak Crawley looked very nice and brought the attack to the hosts, but India’s weirdos did superb bowling, capturing both Crawley and Root LBW This partnership between Ben Stokes and Ollie Pope seems to be crucial

Five points from Axar before Pope gets away with a single one. This is tea. Some wonderful things from Indian bowlers and England are under serious pressure here.

Ashwin hums through a maiden with Stokes mostly defending on the hind foot. India’s weirdos are completely dominant here and these two batsmen do a great job of getting the innings going again in England

A wonderful over from Axar challenging England’s Batmen on either side of the bat. After being knocked out by a big spinner outside, Crawley played for the spin but was caught in LBW by someone walking straight, Ollie Pope is the next man and his first ball grabs and spins sharply on his outside edge past Wicket Maiden for Axar

Axar tears a massive spinning delivery past Crawley’s outside edge, but the next ball goes on with his arm and taps the England opener on the front pad.It looks plumb and is given Crawley chooses not to check out England in serious trouble here

It’s Stokes vs Ashwin and this could be a key battle Ashwin sacked Stokes 10 times in 10 tests with an average of just 17.8 runs apiece Stokes strongly defends the first three balls, then dances down and lofts a nice ride for four minutes He plays the last two balls of the over without much fuss

Stokes looks solid in defense for the first five deliveries of this Axar and then sweeps from last ball to long leg for a single India’s spinners have really tested the English batsmen so far and the field has already shown signs of a turnaround

Root and Crawley each share a single before the English captain is caught by a beautiful bowling from Ashwin. Ben Stokes is the next man and takes a single from his first ball

Ashwin tosses you in the middle and out, Root shuffles over his stumps but he turns back looking like he hit the English captain right in front of him.It’s given out on the field by the referee, but Root checks it out immediately inline throw, inline hit and the call of the referee on stump massive wicket for India

Root shows a dexterous little touch to paddle Axar for four Then he looks for a single Crawley looks a little tight on the crease and sees two balls go by on its outer edge Beautiful areas of Axar and encouraging to India’s nutcases

A maiden to Ashwin who will be disappointed that the LBW call wasn’t made on the field It hit him on the back cushion right in front of him but the umpire was clear even though it was over – Crawley is a big guy I suppose

Crawley is hit in the hind leg by Ashwin and not given up on the field India has a big scrum and Kohli sends it in for review It looks very close Oh, it’s the referee Crawley’s call survived – just

A couple of nice boundaries from Crawley before Axar, who falls short and has reached his half century, then sneaks through for a single before Root skips the last few balls

Two limits from being offside in the first three balls and Zak Crawley has reached half a century with just 68 balls. He made an excellent impression with some exquisite drives on both sides of the week

India steams through these overs Crawley plays Ashwin’s first five balls before he saves the final cannons with a short leg against Shubman Gill and a single hit

Ravichandran Ashwin replaces Ishant Turning from both ends Ashwin is a little too full with his first ball and Crawley pushes it to the ground for one Root defends three balls and then flicks in the side of his leg for a single Crawley defends the last ball well

Tim Wigmore’s post on Ashwin is definitely worth reading if you get a chance – how Ravichandran Ashwin became the world’s greatest weirdo thanks to ‘Method, Skill, and Insanity’

Root scurries through after a single from the first ball and Axar bows directly to Crawley, who defends solidly enough. Then he works one around the corner to cut a fine leg for a single from the last ball

Superb timing from Crawley dipping into Ishant’s first delivery and sending the ball to the mid-wicket line. Then Ishant crosses and Crawley carves a glorious additional cover drive for four. He picks up two at the depth of the last ball of the over / p>

England is able to turn the stroke and tick the scoreboard with relative convenience from Axar – a couple of singles for Crawley and one for Root

Ishant keeps looking for a fifth stump line, but there isn’t much of interest to Root, who is happy to leave well alone Ishant decides to go around the wicket for the final ball – and Root pumps it straight onto the one for four Bottom Nice shot from the English captain

Big spin from Axar from the second ball of the over – he throws himself off, grabs and spins sharply past Crawley’s outer edge. Not surprisingly encouraged by this, the Indian outfielders increase the volume a few steps. Axar throws the next ball up and Crawley hits him on the extra cover limit. The English opener then defends the last deliveries

Root can go on and defend the last three balls of the over – another girl

Ouch Bumrah’s third ball of the over spits nastily of a good length and hits right into Joe Root’s right glove.The England captain appears to be in pain and the physical therapist looks around so there is a slight delay while he does is treated Presumably they get the magic sponge on it

Just a single over for Root from that Axar He aims at the stumps, but Crawley is comfortably defending

Bumrah is nice and accurate, but without looking particularly dangerous, and Crawley plays a virgin

Excellent first from Axar and a nice piece of captain from Kohli to introduce him so early. Bairstow played around someone who went straight ahead and was perpendicular to the front. Then Root looks a bit uncomfortable on his first deliveries – a little nudge occurs right away the short leg and then he lets one whistle past his stump. The captain of England comes off the spot with a firm pressure for two

In the Cricket Test, Jonny Bairstow has been to the LBW or bowling 39 times since the beginning of 2016 – no one else was out in this way more often during this period #INDvENG

Axar Patel is coming for Ishant, and he’s already had a Bairstow leg with his first ball! It is spent on the field, but Bairstow sends it up.It hits two-thirds of the way up and Bairstow has to go

A goodbye to the first ball of the over puts Crawley back on strike Bumrah easily outperforms and Crawley carves him to cover for another four. Leaving a pair outside the stump before pouncing on the last ball of the over, the is slightly angled on the side of the leg. He is on 23 of 23 balls

Three pretty harmless shipments from Ishant outside Crawley’s stump driving straight through to the goalkeeper Ishant tries to target Crawley’s stump, but the Kent hitter drives him to the middle for four with the full face of the bat. Then one follows Whip for four to the middle of the wicket And a good running two from the last ball of the over. Nice timing there

England got their first runs straight away and it’s thanks to a nice timing from Zak CrawleyBumrah goes a little too straight and Crawley leans on the middle with a firm pressure after four minutes. He then steals a quick single from the next delivery Bairstow watched How to get the next three balls directly to Pant

Still no escape from England and India have their first wicket when Sibley flies to Ishant It was an accurate, scrutinizing start by India’s seafarers

India has an early breakthrough! England comes off the pitch thanks to a no-ball that also runs away for a leg bye that puts Sibley on strike.Ishant straightens him up and catches the outer edge that flies straight into Rohit Sharma’s hands in a slip cordon

Jasprit Bumrah gropes outside the stump for Sibley, who is happy as always to leave her alone and to see her sailing behind the stumps to pant The last ball of the over is angled on Sibley’s pads, but he defends strongly

The first delivery of the match is a decent length and is carried out at shoulder height up to the Rishabh Pant Interesting! Then Ishant gets a couple of big in-swingers bouncing back, but nothing to worry about Crawley, who can either watch them go through to the goalkeeper or defend sure enough

Two of the four changes in England are in the top three today – Zak Crawley tops the rankings for Rory Burns The Kent batsman has shown some serious class glimpse in his testing career so far but he has against Sri’s weirdos Lanka watched at sea – just 35 runs in four innings Jonny Bairstow replaces Dan Lawrence – the Yorkshireman looked decent in Sri Lanka but was rested for the first tests in India and hopes to pick up where he left off

One of the main points leading up to the third test was how the pink ball behaves – and how the conditions of that day-night game will affect the game. Tim Wigmore of Telegraph Sport has been in India for the past 15 days and the Take a closer look at the composition of the winning pages here

Two changes for Virat Kohli’s team – Jasprit Bumrah and Washington Sundar replace Mohammed Siraj and Kuldeep Yadav

Burns, Lawrence, Bess and Stone drop out – Crawley, Bairstow, Archer and Anderson come in

On the other side of the coin, English bowlers are hoping that the pink ball used in this test will allow them to keep a grip on the Indian batting team, former English spinner Monty Panesar has shared his thoughts on how England can target India’s top six – including talisman captain Virat Kohli

If England is to get another win in the series, they must overcome the threat of India’s world-class off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin Tim Wigmore took a look at Ashwin’s career development and variations before the third test here: How Ravichandran Ashwin thanks’ method, Skill and madness’ became the world’s best weirdo

Good morning and welcome to the coverage of the third Test between India and England, a day-night game that starts at a respectable hour and where the series stands 1-1 after two consecutive Tests in Chennai We don’t know really what awaits us in Motera, AKA, the Sardar Patel Stadium, the huge, closed bowl that has risen from the concrete bones and is in the same place as its predecessor of the same name, which hosted international cricket from 1983 to 2014, which used to be Capacity 49000, which is 110000, but a maximum of 55000 spectators are allowed to enter today as India’s lockdown wears off

Today’s Test will be the first ever cricket match – Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister whose baby was rebuilt during his tenure as President of the Gujarat Cricket Association and Prime Minister of Gujarat, hosted the 45th match United States President there last February at the Namaste Trump event, but there is no evidence that the now twice-indicted Trump has shown any interest in the way the field is played No John Major or Sir Alec Douglas Home, he in many ways / p>

After their poor performance in the second test, England is wilted by every component of the team bar Ben Foakes, Olly Stone and arguably the nuts, at least in terms of the volume of wickets, if not their frequency or cost, calling the changes this morning Zak Crawley and Jonny Bairstow are back and will be back for sure for Dan Lawrence and one of the openers, presumably Rory Burns, James Anderson will lead the attack, Jack Leach will be the crank with the help of Joe Root unless the surface is tinder dry (unlikely as it looked green before the final mowing) but the other two bowling courts are contested by Stone, Stuart Broad, Mark Wood and Jofra Archer. If Archer is fit I would go with him and Woakes a) around shortening the tail and b) for making the pink ball around the corners in the night session during Australia’s second innings in Adelaide in 2017 but last one One night it seemed that Broad would be preferred

India is likely to make two changes, sacrificing the wrist spinner Kuldeep Yadav and bringing back Jasprit Bumrah, who was rested for the second Test, for the underrolled Mohammed Siraj Umesh Yadav is fit and back on the roster and fit to play, despite it being Also reports are that Hardik Pandya is finally fit to bowl and has swung the pink ball in the nets with Ishant Sharma and Bumrah opening the attack, Pandya, if able to bowl 12 overs a day, could be the more attractive option and reduce the workload for Ravi Ashwin and Axar Patel

India must win the series to reach the final of the Test World Championship against New Zealand at Lord’s in June England must win both tests If the series is a tie, Australia qualifies India has won 12 and drawn one of 13 home series since England struggled 1-0 down to win the last time England won after two Tests which was the first And we all know what happened in the third test: Anderson took six for 47 in the first innings and Steve Finn took six for 79 in the second, where Jim is , is hope

David Cosgrove will be your guide for the morning session and will be here live at 8:30 p.m. (GMT) with news of the throw, the teams and the condition of the field of Rob Bagchi

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