css-14iz86j-BoldText {Font size: bold;} Some specialist online retailers in various EU countries have announced that they will no longer deliver to addresses in the UK due to tax changes due to Brexit

Dutch Bike Bits, a bicycle parts company, said it would from now on be shipped to all countries except the UK

“We are being forced by UK policy to stop dealing with UK customers,” it says on their website

Another company, Belgium-based Beer On Web, said it is now avoiding the UK “due to new Brexit measures”

Businesses are furious because they are now facing higher costs and more red tape to comply with UK tax authorities

However, it is unclear how many took the drastic step of refusing all orders in the UK

At the same time, international shipping companies like Federal Express and TNT have announced that they will charge additional fees for shipments between the UK and the EU

They said this reflected the increased investment they had to make in adjusting their systems to cope with Brexit

The relocations follow changes in the VAT rules that came into effect on 1 Introduced by HM Revenue and Customs on January 1st

VAT is now levied at the point of sale and no longer at the point of import According to an amendment to the HMRC, it will ensure that goods from EU and non-EU countries are treated equally

This essentially means that overseas retailers sending goods to the UK are likely to register for UK VAT and post them to HMRC if the sales value is less than € 150 (£ 135)

“For the provision of this service, [HMRC] intends to bill every company in the world in every country in the world that exports to the UK,” said Dutch Bike Bits on its website

“Of course this is ridiculous for a country, but imagine if every country in the world had the same idea

“If every country chose to do the same, we would have to pay 195 fees each year, keep up with changes in tax law for 195 different countries, keep accounts for 195 different countries, and submit payments to 195 tax offices in 195 different countries Countries and jump through all the necessary frameworks to prove that we are doing all of this honestly and without errors “

Dutch Bike Bits said they have many customers in the UK and would like to trade with them

“The fact that we cannot send packages to the UK is in no way working in our favor and is not what we wanted,” the company added

“If you are upset about this, and you may be, please speak to your elected representative in the UK”

Other companies were hoping that their export ban to the UK could prove temporary

Scandinavian Outdoor, based in Finland, which sells outdoor apparel and equipment, posted the following message on their homepage: “Currently no delivery to the UK”

Another message explaining the decision states: “Due to Brexit, we have temporarily closed our store to UK based customers. Ordering will be possible once our UK VAT registration and the full sales process are completed the Brexit in the UK are resolved “

In the meantime, the postal and freight company TNT has announced that it will now charge a surcharge of £ 431 on all shipments between the UK and the EU

TNT is now owned by Federal Express, which has also “updated” its fees, said a spokesman for the two companies

“FedEx / TNT has made incremental investments to adapt our systems, processes, resources and customer-centric solutions and to be ready for the change on Jan. January 2021, “added the spokesman

“To accommodate these investments and the additional costs of customs clearance, we are increasing shipping rates for shipments from the UK to the EU and EU to UK”

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