First Minister Mark Drakeford announced a series of changes to lockdown measures in Wales starting this weekend

The Welsh Government has announced further changes to the Level 4 Alert lockdown rules that have been in place in Wales since December

On Friday (12 First Minister Mark Drakeford announced a series of measures when he confirmed that the “stay at home” rule will now be replaced by “stay at home”

Mr Drakeford said people would now be able to travel five miles as part of the “Stay Local” rule, which will remain in place for two weeks from that date, beginning May 27 March allowed travel throughout Wales

He also gave signs of changes to be expected in the coming weeks and months when it comes to topics like tourism, non-essential business, and more household gatherings

With all the changes and different rules across the border in England, this can be confusing.Here is the information we know so far from the Welsh government about their lockdown plan for the next few months.All dates depend on coronavirus rates suppressed in Wales from

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Things are far less certain from second half of April The First Minister has said that if cases stay low he will consider a menu of “second half of April” options that will include three things:

Mr Drakeford said at the press conference that it is possible that not all three of these measures will be lifted at the same time

The First Minister said Wales would not open Cardiff Airport until the UK government, whose tentative date is Jan. May is

“In the Prime Minister’s English lockdown plan, up to 17 No flights will resume in May, “Drakeford said,” therefore no flights will resume in Wales before that date

“I’m concerned about this date because I don’t want all of the hard work people put into this project to be compromised by importing the virus from elsewhere

“I raised it with the UK Ministers and they said that this is an indicative date and that in reality no decision will be made until much closer in time

“Three quarters of countries in Europe have rising numbers of coronavirus this week, this pandemic has not gone away and I don’t want people from other parts of the world to return to Wales and bring the virus with them

“There will be no earlier than 17 May flights to or from Cardiff I think we should be very careful even then “

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has stated that every adult eligible for the coronavirus vaccine in Wales will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine by Jan. Juli will get a stab if he so wishes

He said Wales would be able to meet all eligible adults by May 31 To offer a vaccine to July, provided the UK government promised delivery is met

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The First Minister has said social distancing and wearing of masks are likely for the rest of the year

“Even if we get the best vaccination, we will still have some people who choose not to be vaccinated,” he said. “We will still have people who are not vaccinated because of the underlying health conditions may, and some people will be vaccinated, but it won’t work for them because the vaccine is not 100% successful for everyone

“There will be a significant segment of the population where vaccination will not be the complete answer. You still have some unknowns regarding the Kent variant and other variants around the world

“I think we need to continue to live on some level of monitoring the virus whether this is just social distancing and wearing masks in crowded places The virus has a long reunion and will not be completely gone this calendar year”

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