More and more people are being asked to protect themselves to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus
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Another 1 Nationwide, 7 million people have been warned to stay indoors after the list of people considered extremely susceptible to coronavirus was expanded – but who is on the new list?

There are strict lockdown restrictions in place to ensure that people in Covid-19 stay at home as much as possible However, even stricter rules apply to people classified as extremely clinically susceptible

This is because it is believed that if you contract the virus, these people are believed to have a “higher risk of developing serious illnesses,” which means that additional measures are needed to protect them

The current screening list includes people with individual risk factors, e.g. B. People with different types of cancer, people taking immunosuppressive drugs, or people with severe respiratory problems

However, as the pandemic progressed, medical professionals have found that some people are at higher risk than others due to multiple risk factors

With the help of medical records, the new tool assesses who are at higher risk as having a higher risk based on several factors such as age, ethnicity, body mass index (BMI), other health conditions and zip code

There are now around 2 million people in England on the list, which will expand to almost 4 million with the addition of the additional people

During the initial lockdown, people who shielded themselves were told not to go outside at all for several months

While the most vulnerable are advised to “stay at home as much as possible,” people can still do sports and attend health appointments

You can meet someone else for sports outdoors – provided you stay socially distant at all times

If they meet the criteria, people who shield themselves can also form support bladders that allow them to stay with people from another household

However, government policy states that those providing protection “should try to minimize contact with anyone outside your household”

Government strongly advises people who are extremely clinically susceptible to working from home – and if they cannot work from home they should “not go to work”

Although the latest rules allow more time outdoors, it is recommended that those who shield themselves should not go to the stores

Instead, they are asked to shop online whenever possible or ask friends and relatives to collect items for them

Shielders can continue to receive informal care from those in their support bubble, as well as home care from health professionals

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