Without an extraordinary escape with Sandi Toksvig, we might have gone our entire lives without knowing how much Alison Steadman loves imagining clouds! Luckily she was here, squeaking as she took out her iPad to photograph a few bits of cirrus, and cheeringly sang “Ride of the Valkyries” in the dark

The cloud photography, along with the mindful spoon carving, was about as action packed as Toksvig’s new UK itinerary, but that’s his honor.Your gentle, meandering Suffolk getaway with old friend Steadman was a TV show tonic

In the first episode, the two lived in a renovated Martello defense tower on the Deben peninsula (where they drank Prosecco and had a good time), a 17th century cottage Century, which was equipped with its own moat (where they drank mulled wine and had a good time) and the 14th century Butley Priory gatehouse Century (where they drank G&Ts and had a good time) More importantly, we had a good time watching them

Each building was breathtaking with breathtaking architecture, furnishings and scenery that were lovingly lingered over by both the camera and the enthusiastic guests

As expected, Toksvig had endless odds and ends on hand, and she was stepping into the school fielding area, but it was very pleasant to be flooded with the facts and figures while wishing you were in an anorak too sitting The beach hears a story about Napoleon’s penis

Occasionally the property tours were a little almost Airbnb adverts (welcome baskets are a nice touch, we get it), but they let me sell. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get Alison Steadman to come with me / p>

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Sandi Toksvig

World News – UK – Extraordinary escapes with Sandi Toksvig were a joyful TV show tonic

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