The family and friends of a woman who died on Aug. On March 23, she disappeared from a yacht anchored off the US Virgin Islands, assurances from the local police are demanding that they will do whatever they can to find her

Sarm Heslop, 41, a former flight attendant from Southampton, has been reported missing by her American friend Ryan Bane

The couple returned to the 47-foot catamaran Siren Song after being killed on Jan. March in a restaurant in St. John had left Bane told police he noticed she was missing at 2 a.m. the next day and was concerned that she might have fallen off the boat

Heslop’s friends and family have asked the police to search the boat. Andrew Baldwin, who has been friends for 25 years, said, “The last place she was seen should be the first one they’d look, however as far as we know, the boat was not searched ”

Baldwin said her disappearance was atypical because “she’s the kind of friend who stays in regular contact”

He said, “Sarm and I had talked about Ryan, but I had never met him. She was very happy. She had just gone there to be with him in late January. I have no reason to believe it was there at all.” There were problems

“We know Sarm and Ryan were seen in a restaurant that night, and there are reports that they got back on the boat at 10 p.m. and then Sarm was not seen at 2 a.m. We understand that Jurisdictions are different, but their friends and family are desperate for verified information about what happened ”

Baldwin, who works for a cruise company, said Heslop was an experienced sailor “Sarm knows boats” he said “She sailed across the Atlantic I don’t see how anyone could fall off this boat in this situation”

Her family said, “We are shocked and disturbed that Sarm is missing. We want to assure you that the Virgin Islands authorities are doing everything possible to find her and that the investigation into our beautiful and valued daughter’s disappearance is a full search of the boat with your fingertips includes “

Virgin Islands Police sought a comment Monday they asked islanders for help in locating Heslop, but they have yet to confirm that the boat has been searched

The family declaration added: “Our daughter is a UK citizen and we ask for the support the UK authorities have to offer. Thanks to the locals of St John, who keep searching for Sarm We will never give up looking for Sarm and we still have the hope of finding her safe “

Baldwin said Heslop’s parents are considering flying to the Virgin Islands despite pandemic restrictions in hopes of getting more responses from police, “It’s something the family is actively considering nothing is confirmed, “he said.” The family has had some interviews with the police. The police have given assurances that an investigation is ongoing, but not many details are revealed ”

Bane’s attorneys issued a statement in which they said, “Mr. Bane’s only hope is that Sarm will be found alive and well. His thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Bane at this difficult time with Sarm and her family Spent countless hours searching for Sarm and will continue to do so. Ryan is devastated that Sarm is missing ”

Bane is believed to have turned Heslop’s belongings, including her phone and passport, over to the police

Baldwin said, “Her phone, passport, and wallet were all left on that boat. She wouldn’t leave it all behind and just walk away – it’s not in her character”

Sarm Heslop

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