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The memorial service for Captain Sir Tom Moore will take place in Bedford this afternoon

Known as Captain Tom, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, his fundraiser captured hearts and raised millions of pounds for NHS charities

The former officer in the British Army put down in advance of his 100th birthday Birthday last spring 100 laps of his garden

At the Bedford Crematorium, the celebrant who presided over the funeral said this afternoon, “It is incredible to believe that 163 countries have donated to (Sir Toms) fundraising – that is almost the whole world”” ”

Captain Sir Tom Moore during his NHS Spring 2020 fundraiser Picture: Joe Giddens / PA Wire

He continued, “As wonderful as we find our NHS to be, people from other countries are really not going to care about our health So it seems obvious to me that you really invested in Captain Tom and the values ​​he stood for”

“He was a proud British veteran and a gentleman He lived in a multi-generational environment That would not only have kept him young, but also symbolized the importance of family to him

“What sacrifices have he and his colleagues made to defend our freedom, a man with a strong moral compass, a strong work ethic, a sense of pride and an indomitable spirit

“He serves as an inspiration to all of us to never give up and always stay strong because we know that tomorrow will be a better day”

Members of the armed forces at the funeral of Captain Sir Tom Moore at Bedford Crematorium Picture: Joe Giddens / PA Wire

The celebrant also read Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem, A Happy Man, which reads: “Children I leave behind, and their children, have all been kind; Close to you and my wife; I’ve been happy all my life ”

As the service began, members of the Yorkshire Regiment lifted Sir Captain Tom Moore’s coffin from the hearse

Some special items were placed on Captain Tom’s coffin, including a replica of his World War II service cap and a Yorkshire Regiment wreath

Items also included his campaign medals, including the Burma Star, and his knight’s medal sewn onto a pillow

There was also a specially commissioned sword, one side of which was engraved with the Yorkshire Regiment’s motto: “Fortune favors the brave”

On the other side, his personal motto was engraved: “Tomorrow will be a good day”

A Dakota performed a fly-pass before a three-round gun salute by a fire party before the coffin was carried into the building

A Dakota performs a fly-pass at Captain Sir Tom Moore’s funeral at the Bedford Crematorium.Picture: Joe Giddens / PA Wire

The service opened with a rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” recorded by Captain Tom with Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir, which reached number one last year

Captain Sir Tom’s Moore daughter, Lucy Teixeira, laughed as she remembered her father talking to her over concrete pipes to calm her jitter on the wedding day

She also remembered the terrible day Sir Tom lost his wife – the day he had taken his grandson to see the type of tank he had served in a military museum during the war

“We’ve often talked about milestones in your life and laughed at the possibility of your 100th birthday Reaching birthday, “she said

“They said,” It’s just a number, I don’t feel any different “and until the end you ignored the number and kept going, telling us all to keep going with the mantra”Tomorrow will be a good day ”

“You have always influenced me with your strength, your energy, your drive to get out of bed with a spring in your step and with a certain goal

“I know you will watch us giggle and say,” Don’t be too sad because in the end you have to achieve something ”

“Dad, I am so proud of you for what you have achieved all your life and especially in the last year you may be gone, but your message and your spirit live on”

The family of Captain Sir Tom Moore (left to right) son-in-law Colin Ingram, granddaughter Georgia, grandson Benjie and daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore arrives for his funeral at Bedford Crematorium Picture: Joe Giddens / PA Wire

Captain Tom’s grandson, Benjie, said, “If there is one lesson I’ve learned from living with you over the past 13 years, it is the power of positivity and kindness I really don’t think I would be who I am today without your educated guidance”

“Our afternoon chats, which were supposed to last only a few minutes, quickly turned into hours of conversation that quickly explored so many thought-provoking ways. These are memories I will never forget and for which I am incredibly grateful

“I can’t imagine how many pieces of my sports equipment would have been broken without your ever-trusted super glue

“I suppose the tables turned in the later years when it was so often Georgia or I fixing something on your phone”

He continued, “As I grew up with you every day, the smell of porridge when I came downstairs was almost a sign that everything was fine”

Benjie added that his grandfather, who snuck leftovers from the dogs, “made the morning more than a little joyful”

A wreath of 200 white roses by David Pearson, Assistant Lieutenant for West Yorkshire, placed on Sir Tom Moore’s memorial plaque in Keighley, West Yorkshire on the day of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s funeral Credit: Danny Lawson / PA Wire

Captain Tom’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, said in her laudation: “We have been fortunate enough to have a stable family life, peppered with the excitement of intrepid camping trips across Europe, which gave our young minds a window into the world of which you said let her open our oyster ”

She described her father, who moved in with them after her mother’s death, as “the most amazing journey through several generations, living on the wealth of knowledge and the knowledge that we have given you in turn”

Ms. Ingram-Moore added, “Your relationship with (your grandchildren) has been a constant reminder of how lucky we were to have you as a father and that special bond we have”

She continued, “We know because you told everyone who would listen that you were enjoying this next phase of your life

“We respected your values, your independence and your space, and you did the same for us We felt your love and we know that you felt our love for you ”

Ms. Ingram-Moore added: “We are so proud of the way you have handled everything that has happened We were so close as a family before, but we got pulled even closer together as the world became mesmerized by your spirit of hope, certainty, and certainty elasticity

“They too saw your belief in goodness and the basic goodness of the human mind”

She continued, “You are not a man who is in the habit of sharing your inner feelings, but this time together we created an honesty between us that felt so magical, like you became a beacon and hope for the world become

“You are the stuff of our lives and our home, every closet we open, every door we go through, you are there”

She added, “Losing you is a dull physical pain to me, but the power of love with which you left us enables us to stay strong

Captain Tom’s memorial service ended with The Last Post played by Alex Browne of the Yorkshire Regiment Band

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