ITV’s new documentary Fergies Killer Dresser: The Jane Andrews Story explores the true story of Jane, a former royal dresser for Sarah, Duchess of York who was convicted of the murder of her partner Tom Cressman in 2001 Where is she now?

Jane, who was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey, was originally licensed from prison in 2015 while living in a probation center Released on August 8, 2019, 18 years after her original conviction

During her detention, she briefly escaped from East Sutton Park Prison in 2009 – nine years after her conviction – and was finally discovered three days later while hiding in a hotel room

At the end of her first prison sentence in 2015, Tom’s hotelier brother Rick disagreed with her release, saying: “At the parole hearing that released her, the joint letter from our family was clearly ignored before the dangers of her release Any man who enters into a relationship with her is at serious risk as she clearly cannot handle rejection “

Jane, who now lives in Lincolnshire, previously spoke to The Sunday Telegraph about the upcoming documentary and said, “I was horrified I knew it was going to pull it all back up just as my life was turning into something like normal

“I will always regret what I did – it was a terrible thing, but I deserve to live the rest of my life without looking over my shoulder”

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Jane Andrews

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