Scotland’s first minister has urged football to “make sure your house is in order” as the Rangers open an internal investigation after a weekend party broken up by police

Covid-19 lockdown restrictions mean that under normal circumstances, indoor mixing of households is not allowed in Scotland

Rangers said they were “aware of an alleged incident” and would “make no further comment” if they investigated

A Police Scotland spokesman said on Sunday, “We received a report of a meeting on property in Hayburn Lane, Glasgow, around 1 a.m. Sunday, May 14th February, 10 a.m.

“Officers were present and those present left Ten people received firm criminal charges for violating coronavirus regulations”

It’s not clear if Rangers players were at the party or if they were among those who were fined

The Prime Minister said she did not have all the information about the Rangers’ investigation but said “I don’t care which club is breaking the rules, if you break the rules you are wrong, it’s really frustrating.” / p>

“It’s really unfair to the vast majority of people in the country who don’t have the privileges that elite athletes currently have. The vast majority aren’t, but when a small number do, people think, ‘Why am I bothering you ? “

“Can I say about football and sports in general, please make sure your house is fine as I don’t have to stand here telling high-paid footballers to follow the rules”

The Rangers investigation comes two months after Jordan Jones and George Edmundson were suspended for two weeks for violating Covid protocols for attending an illegal house party

Northern Irish winger Jones and English defender Edmundson were subsequently suspended from the Scottish Federation for seven games Both were loaned to English clubs in January, Jones to Sunderland and Edmundson to Derby County

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