The GAME website is back online (at least at the time of writing) and the PlayStation 5 is sold out again It has definitely been there for a minute or two, enough time for some people – and undoubtedly a lot of bots – to grab a console

As usual, this all happened without GAME saying anything on Twitter As such, it’s currently impossible to tell if they will get more today or anytime soon

However, there are rumors that Argos and Currys PC World may be in stock this week So we will let you know when this happens. Hopefully it will take longer for you than GAME

Got one of the GAME Drop PS5s … FINALLY !!!!! Thanks @ Ps5Instant for the live stream. Great idea and worked for me after months of failure ð ??????

The replenishment took even less time than expected as the GAME website went down just seconds after the stock was available.As promised, it was there for a few moments, but now one has to wait and see if GAME gets its website back and works again

The PS5 is available now through GAME in the UK However, you should be quick as stock does not last long

The long-awaited supply of the PlayStation 5 continues, but while the PlayStation 5 is in stock at GAME at the time of writing, it will likely only take a few minutes

Even Xbox Series S inventory rarely lasts longer than 30 minutes Given the demand for the PlayStation 5, it is likely to last a lot less, although some sources have suggested that this supply could be bigger than usual

GAME has not stated how much inventory it has, but there is certainly no indication from Sony that the PlayStation 5 is nearly readily available in the UK or anywhere else in the world

Microsoft previously suggested that the Xbox Series X shortage could last at least until June, but Sony has never set a date, and the PlayStation 5 is likely to run out of stock long after that

However, most major retailers are expected to get new inventory over the course of the next week, as GAME and Currys have had PlayStation 5s on sale for a short period of time

With all that said, the PlayStation 5 console is still available on eBay, but at grossly inflated prices, typically starting at £ 700 or more

This is the result of scalpers who use bot software to skip online queues and buy multiple consoles at once Various scalper groups encourage users to pay for subscriptions to use their bots

GAME has tried to reassure ordinary customers that they can take action against scalpers, or at least buy more than one console at a time

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