Gary Lineker has been accused of “mocking poor people” after joking about his BBC wage cut after it became known that the cost of the television license was rising

The 60 year old Match of the Day host who had his £ 1 salary cut from 75 million last year, his new annual earnings were £ 1 35 million made easy by the £ 150 license hike on social media

Gary retweeted the news from the BBC confirming that the fee would go up from £ 15750 to £ 159 in April, adding, “But but I just made a pay cut’

He was immediately bombarded with backlash, with one person writing, “Poor joke it’s fine for you millionaires but there are many people who struggle and rely on food banks on a daily basis even though the climb isn’t for you and other millionaires it’s a lot of money for some people ‘

With a similar sentiment, another raged: “And with a heartless tweet, Gary has just cut the extra income that the BBC would probably have made

“Since he is making fun of the poor it is now a moral obligation on me and I am sure that many others will terminate the license with immediate effect”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

A third added, “Bad taste, there are people following you who not only had wage cuts but also lost their livelihoods and businesses while you were sitting nicely!”

Gary’s controversial post comes just three months after declaring he would “continue to tweet sensibly” after the company announced crackdown on its employees’ social media activities

It was announced in November that the BBC threatened to withdraw their employees’ social media accounts if they violated the rules of impartiality

You are instructed not to express a personal opinion on public policy, political, or controversial issues

Speaking of Good Morning Britain, Gary said, “I don’t really see them that differently because we all knew on the BBC that we were trying to avoid bias towards party politics I guess there is a way to do it

“I’ve had conversations with Tim and he was perfectly happy with the way my social media is going So I don’t see any major changes”

“Obviously, with all of these things, people look at the details of the different phrases Obviously, they’ve always been attributed to people working on the news and current affairs, and that’s a little common”’

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Gary Lineker

World News – UK – Gary Lineker is accused of tweeted about the TV license fee and made fun of poor people