Very adult people in Great Britain will be offered a Covid-19 vaccination until autumn, the Minister of Health has promised

Matt Hancock told BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show that 350 million cans have been ordered in the UK

He said vaccines would continue to be offered “as needed” to the elderly and people with underlying health problems, but added: “Every adult will be offered a vaccine by the fall”

The government “accelerated the introduction” of the vaccine and more people were vaccinated in the last week than in all of December, Hancock


Mr Hancock said the government is well on track to meet its target of 13 million people vaccinated by mid-February, with 200000 people are vaccinated every day

The opening of mass vaccination centers this week should increase the number of shocks

Ministers are confident that vaccination of the most vulnerable populations will pave the way for restrictions to be relaxed


Professor Peter Horby, chair of the Advisory Group on New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats (Nervtag), does not believe this will mean a return to normal business operations

He said to Andrew Marr, “I don’t think it will bring us back to normal. There will still be large numbers of people infected, and although there is absolute risk that someone under the age of 80 will die or im Hospital lands are low, a large number of infections will still lead to many people, and so will we. We will have to fight the virus with social distancing measures and vaccinations for the coming months ”

On the likelihood of social distancing measures being taken next winter, he said, “I think that’s likely I think it depends a lot on how well we can expand the vaccination program and how quickly we can get a significant part of it to make accessible to the population ”

Britain has had more than 80 since the pandemic started, the highest death toll in Europe000 deaths from Covid-19 recorded

This week, those with no coronavirus symptoms who cannot work from home must be prioritized for rapid turnaround testing that will be made available to any local authority

Matt Hancock

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