According to the latest report that the government is considering introducing a new bank holiday this year, the Irish work calendar may be on the verge of change

Nothing official has been confirmed at this stage, but the proposed new bank holiday is seen as a recognition and reward for the sacrifices that drove the Irish people crazy in 2020

The 21st December was marked as the day marking the new bank holiday, but again nothing was confirmed

Currently, the classic nine holidays in 2020 are still prevalent as most businesses and schools close

If you want to book some time off, the following information should be useful for those who want to extend their weekend a little longer

As usual, Easter Monday is the only public holiday that can vary significantly from year to year as the Easter date changes every year

By and large, Easter should be the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the 21st This means that the earliest possible date for Easter Sunday in a year is the 22nd March and the latest 25 April is Easter Monday falls on the 5th April 2021

It is worth reiterating that Good Friday is not a public holiday. While some schools and businesses close on this day, you are not automatically entitled to free time on that day

We hope, however, that the government decides to give us all an extra holiday. After all that 2020 has to offer, we definitely deserve it

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