Like the first day of April, celebrities and branded accounts on the internet played pranks to celebrate April 1st

While some of the jokes can be fun, others often trigger eye rolls or cross a bridge too far

The drama of a surprising midnight drop! The production value, so it feels like a whole new episode! The expert casting of the kids who speak these characters! Rick and Morty managed to pull off a prank that felt more engaging than angry Bring Those Kids Back for Season 5

One of the worst things about the movie trailer industrial complex is short trailers promoting longer trailers, but Space Jam: A New Legacy changed the game reminding us of the madness of old Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner shorts hold up the things advertised and drop a literal trailer on Wile E. Coyote Head Certainly attention grabbing enough to burn the news that the real movie trailer is getting into viewers’ minds on Saturday

Leah Remini is very grateful that she shot through her setup punchline Who wants to be kept in suspension on a day like this Oh, you thought she had fillers? Read the caption! There’s also an unwanted hilarity when she calls the Saturday Night Live makeup artist for a prosthetic job that is now easy to mimic using the pillowface filter on Instagram

This one is on the edge, but we believe the Drag Race Queen of Mean can do better, let’s believe that All Stars winning season is a no-brainer just to destroy our hopes and dreams, too, would be the joke as an EW exclusive makes more sense

Here’s the thing: this stupid joke had the potential to be brilliant if it turned out to be SponCon otherwise, one wonders about all the money and prep work that went into posting a solid father joke We recommend securing the bag first so these clogs are free the next time

Meh every cat joke on the internet was probably done (and made better) before. At least the scratchy noises are a reminder of how annoying April fools can be, so hoping for a funny joke next April

April Fool’s Day is a unique day of the year There’s no eve for it It’s not like a birthday when you can convince people to spend the week celebrating it Making people wait several days to to hear that you are doing an obvious April Fool’s Day joke is a cruel and unusual punishment. We’re glad the Good Morning America host kept his signature look

Chances are Tori Spelling is taking pregnancy seriously, but her friend and hairdresser Laura Rugetti appeared to have confirmed the post was a misunderstood attempt at humor and jokingly asked the actress on an Instagram story : “Didn’t you tell me anything this morning?” ? “

How should someone accept a job as specific as “I’m on my way to the hospital?” Someone just shot my car 7-10 times on the freeway. I was hit twice. Pray for me as a joke? The West Coast hip hop pioneer has been in the game long enough to know fans take those claims seriously While fans were happy to hear he’s fine, the “joke” is even grimmer when you consider that the April Fool’s Day joke is right next to the anniversary of the murder of Nipsey Hussle

April Fool’s Day

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