Bottomless Brunch Leeds: 13 of the best brunch as bars and restaurants prepare to reopen under blocking card

This week the Leeds Festival announced that it will be held alongside other major music events such as Made In Leeds

But how could the Leeds Festival and other big events in 2021 be different if the threat from Covid is still very real?

This requires a proof of concept in which test pilots are carried out with social distancing and then gradually built up to full capacity

In December 2020, Primavera held a pilot festival in Barcelona in which 1000 people without masks or social distancing invited to participate

Before entering, each person had to do a quick test with a 15 minute result.Only those who tested negative were allowed to enter

The organizers said there were no new cases due to the pilot festival

Leeds Newsam Park and Mint Festival organizer Stuart Forsyth told Mixmag that rapid tests could be carried out at its locations

“When they are needed we have quick tests for both Newsam Park and the Mint Festival However, things have changed a lot since we announced this in December We’ll have to wait, things change out of our hands every week, “he said

A festival or venue could, in the long run, relax restrictions within venues and festivals, and support the government’s overarching Covid-19 strategy by forcing asymptomatic airlines to test them for the fact to draw attention to those who have tested positive and allowed them to self-isolate

Swallow Events claims to be the first to offer event organizers across the UK and the rest of the world a comprehensive rapid test screening service for the detection of COVID-19 The company plans to hold a festival in Albania using its system

There are various ventilation systems on the market that reduce the risk of transmission by improving airflows

However, the report found that there is no incentive for industry to invest in them unless they are recognized or validated by the government

The live music sector has come up with a proposal for a reinsurance system that will cover events from the reopening dates 2021 to December 2022

The promoter or venue would, in addition to an additional premium paid by the insurance industry, pay into a government payable Covid-19 fund

This Covid-19 fund would be separate from the usual cancellation claims and would pay off in the event of a cancellation enforced by Covid-19

The concept of travel vaccine passports has been debated on several occasions despite the government saying it is investigating the need to balance privacy and data tracking concerns with the need to restart the economy and track bumps

Professor Anthony Harnden, vice chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, said people may need vaccination records in order to travel

He told the Science and Technology Committee, “The perception that this is a disease that only affects the elderly is not really true

He added, “Then there is of course the other problem that young people love to travel, and it is almost inevitable that countries outside of the UK, regardless of what the UK decides on vaccination cards … so these young people have to have them have vaccination certificates to actually travel to some of the parts of the world they want to travel to ”

Greg Parmley, executive director of Live, a trading organization for the live music industry, welcomed the news but said the festival season was still in jeopardy

He said: “Today’s confirmation that the Reading and Leeds Music Festivals will take place in August is a great moment that will give people hope for better times

“The Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday has given some organizers confidence, but there is still a lot of uncertainty ahead. As the government only pledges to give one week notice of the lifting of all restrictions, this will mean for many that it’s just too late and we’ll see more cancellations

“This is why, despite today’s good news, the government must commit to continued sector-specific budget support for our industry as we begin our long recovery road.”

In response to the threat posed by the pandemic, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee launched an investigation into the future of festivals

Last month, the committee wrote to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, asking him to extend government-sponsored insurance schemes to music and performing arts festivals

Festivals have added £ 1bn gross worth to the economy in 2019, with nearly one in three Britons watching Glastonbury on TV

The Reading and Leeds music festivals will take place this summer after the government announced a roadmap that is no longer blocked

The sister events – known for their mix of rap, rock and pop – take place between the 27 and 29 August after both were canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic outbreak

According to the plans announced on Monday, the government hopes to remove any remaining restrictions on social contact no earlier than Jan. June repeal

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