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Screenwriter and film director Richard Curtis is the genius behind some of the nation’s favorite films, such as Love Actually, About Time, and Four Weddings and Funeral. Actor Hugh Grant has starred in many of Richard’s classic films, and today he light-heartedly claimed that BBC host for Saturday Kitchen Live, Matt Tebbutt that the Bridget Jones star sometimes ignores him

Speaking of Richard’s impressive series of comic strip relief efforts, Matt asked, “Have you always had great success finding people to help you?”

Richard joked, “Well, I mean, Hugh Grant sometimes doesn’t answer my emails – like some of my friends, they block the emails I send, but by and large people are so happy to help”

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Four weddings and a funeral remains one of the most popular British romantic comedies ever made, and it’s known for putting Hugh Grant in the spotlight

The film recently cited a British Film Institute poll which named the film one of the most viewed films of all time 49 percent of people named it a classic

The 1994 film saw Hugh in many classic rom-coms, many of Richard’s, including Notting Hill, Bridget Jones, and Love Actually

I only speak to Expressco, in the UK, Richard spoke last year about how Four Weddings and a Funeral received a TV remake after The Office US star Mindy Kaling turned it into a Hulu TV series

It was shown on the American streaming platform and got mixed feedback. In December he said, “I thought it was cute. In the end it didn’t feel like the movie for all sorts of reasons, but I wasn’t very involved.” p>

“I mean, Mindy asked me to do this and I read through a couple of episodes but it was very much her job”

Richard’s list of works is endless; He is also best known for the 2011 drama War Horse and his involvement in the hit sitcom Blackadder, Mr. Bean and the Vicar of Dibley

The timelessness of Richard’s films has given him worldwide success, and the author hasn’t stopped working on some new creations, including the blockbusters Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (2018) and Yesterday (2019)

Richard, who appeared on the BBC show this morning, had just emerged from a busy night helping out on BBC’s Comic Relief, of which he is a founding member

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Matt said earlier on the show, “Our special guest had a very busy night today because he’s the co-founder of Comic Relief, which raised over £ 1 billion after the red nose day yesterday, we think he’s up deserves a little something good, a little rest “

“It’s so ironic to be on the show,” replied Richard “Because Red Nose Day is the day I eat the worst food”

In the popular Saturday morning show, famous faces record their “Food Heaven” or “Food Hell” while host Matt and two chefs cook live in the studio

Richard spoke about his food heaven and said, “So, my mom and dad were Australians – we had lamb chops five nights a week So lamb!”

He joked, “And then, preferably frozen peas, but if you have to have regular, fresh peas, I guess I can live with that”

“And the hell?” Matt asked, to whom Richard said, “Uncooked meat My mother cooked it to ashes Then broccoli, cauliflower”

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Richard Curtis

World News – UK – “Hugh Grant doesn’t answer my emails!”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1412557/Richard-Curtis-Hugh-Grant-Saturday-Kitchen-Live-today-Matt-Tebbutt-BBC