Increasing your income should be your focus in the first half of the month Applying for lucrative jobs, starting a business or advertising for wealthy customers are good opportunities in early January The fruits of your labor could pay off in mid-January, if the new moon could put a dream job on your lap, be careful not to divulge any secrets in the last half of January Indiscretion Could Bite You Where It Hurts Towards the end of the month, the full moon could force you to cancel a trip or withdraw from an academic program Changing your views on a subject dramatically in the last few days of the month

In early January, all eyes will be on you. Use your strong charisma to win favors, win hearts, and secure jobs. Look good and use every opportunity to promote your agenda for The New Moon on Dec. is perfect for changing your look or upgrading your wardrobe Investing in your looks pays off well Taking on extra work in the second half of the month could pave the way for a big promotion and raise Watch the days after your 28th birthdayOn which an agonizing full moon could end payments from a settlement or licensing agreement In the final days of January, think about how to increase your income

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