Posted: 10:35 GMT, 6 March 2021 | Updated: 10:45 GMT, 6 March 2021

Joe Swash has revealed that he and his fiancée Stacey Solomon hadn’t been alone in a year and always had one of their four boys at home

The 39-year-old TV personality chatted on Lockdown Parenting Hell’s podcast about his personal life and how routines changed during the pandemic

Not only did Joe joke that “restrictions made things a little bit high,” he also chatted openly about how losing his own father at 12 had affected his parenting style

Couple: Joe Swash announced that he and his fiancée Stacey Solomon hadn’t been alone in a year and always had one of their four boys at home

Joe talked about the last time he and Stacey were alone on the hilarious podcast: “There’s never a kid in the house, it’s like a children’s conveyor belt ‘

Joe joked with hosts Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe, saying, “It must have been about a year, restrictions got it right ‘

‘The thing about lockdown is, if I were a single person, I wouldn’t love that It would give me an excuse not to do anything

‘But I think Stacey and I were busier than ever in the lockdown. With work and the kids Since they are out of school now they are out of school, it’s like’ what! ”

Family: The couple are parents to four boys, who share their 22-month-old son Rex Joe also has Harry, 13, and Stacey as the mother of Zachary, 12 and Leighton, 8

Joe was looking forward to the day after the lockdown and said he would hit the gym or go fishing for a leisurely day alone

And while he didn’t have much alone time with Stacey, Joe said the boys loved homeschooling, joking that they can get out of bed at 10am and “zoom in a bit and get back to their computers”

Joe is the father of his two sons Rex (22 months) and Harry (13) and the stepfather of the two boys Zachary (12) and Leighton (8) of his fiancée

Joe said he had Harry “about 40 percent of the time” and the other boys also go to their fathers for the weekends

Everything at Home: When Joe talked about how the past year has been for him, Joe joked that “there’s never a kid in the house, it’s like a conveyor belt of kids” (pictured with Stacey and Rex)

Joe also shared some glimpse into his parenting style and cheekily joked, “I can’t tell you I’m the most responsible parent out there because I’m not. We’ll be in the woods and I’ll see a swing and say,” “I’ll let Harry go first in case it breaks”

The star then joked that while disciplining his cubs he will lightly try to use them, saying “Use your brain Rex!” which amuses Stacey

Joe also spoke openly about how the loss of his own father had affected his parenting style, saying, “I feel like quite a knack for the parents, but I’m really loving

He said, ‘I love my boys so I kiss and cuddle them Harry is 13 now and he’s been pushing away for ages! When something happens to me, I want my kids to know that I’ve kissed them more than anyone in the world, even more than Stacey

Doting: Joe said he was very affectionate with his children but admitted that he is not the most “responsible” parent and is always ready to laugh (pictured with Stacey, Rex and his step-sons)

‘I have this pathological mindset in my head because I lost my father when I was 12 and I have such fond memories of him. I want my children to know if I’m not here tomorrow I loved her more than anything else in the world ‘

Joe also admitted that he would like to have a daughter and said, “If we had another child and we had a girl, it would be

‘If we had another boy, that cloud would always be over our heads until we go again, until we have the girl We’re going to end up like the Waltons,’ he joked

Joe and Stacey got engaged on Christmas Eve and are planning a summer wedding this July Stacey says her sons will be giving her away on this special day

Speak to hello! She revealed that they didn’t want just one boy to be the best man and that they should all lead her down the aisle next to their father

And the bride-to-be will not officially become Mrs. Swash after the wedding day, as she would like to have the same last name as her children

Speaking to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 about her upcoming wedding, the TV personality said, “It’s really funny, obviously Joe would love me if I had his middle name

‘There’s nothing wrong with his second name, but because of the kids, I want to have the same surname as the kids,’ she added: ‘Maybe I’ll have it double?’

She continued, “When my sister got married, I felt a bit broken, like,” You are no longer my full sister? “‘

The Loose Women star also admitted she tries to “stay positive” while planning given Covid’s current restrictions on wedding ceremonies

Earlier this month, Boris Johnson warned that the 21st June is the earliest date for a full size wedding, but even then it will be subject to a government “four tests” review

Last Name: Stacey will not officially become Ms. Swash after the wedding day as she wishes to have the same last name as her children (pictured with Zachary, Rex and Leighton)

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