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A special comedy night was held on One Show in honor of Red Nose Day, under the direction of Alex Jones and Martin Clunes, hosts greeted John Cleese as a reminder of his hit sitcom, Fawlty Towers, which flooded the fans Show with questions for John, but the one the comedian was asked was if he could still appreciate the genius of the show all these years later, or if he writhed over it and wished he had done things differently

“There is a moment when the moose head falls on me and I would have recaptured it because if you look closely I’m waiting for it to fall on me because it didn’t fall on cue, it was late ”

“I’m very sorry we didn’t do this Every time I watch this sequence I go to, “Oh dear, I wish we got that right,” he admitted

“But if it’s a funny sequence, like the argument at the beginning of the German episode about the fire drill, I still laugh at it because I still think it’s played terribly well by everyone“It was a group performance”

Upon hearing John’s anecdote, Martin started laughing in the studio before John revealed that he can no longer watch the series

“But I am always very happy when I see a clip and still find it funny

“I don’t understand why I still find it funny I think it’s because of people’s attitudes and not just verbal jokes”

After Martin complimented him on putting on a show with such a lasting impact, John continued, “Nobody can predict what will take and it’s fascinating

“We were lucky with Monty Python. We made two films, one in the time of Christ and one in the Middle Ages, and that was pretty smart, but we didn’t think about it then”

Martin asked what it was like to spend his days “closed in the room” with Graham Chapman: “Did you cry with laughter every day?”

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“The terrible thing about writing, especially when you’re starting out, is that you have a full day and you end up with nothing good

“But what you learn is, when you have a day like this, there actually is a lot of stuff flowing the next day, and you find that there is some kind of average stuff that you can produce every week

“You can’t bully the unconscious,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter how smart or intelligent you are If you don’t know how to play, you are literally playing like kids You won’t come up with anything very original because everything has to do with spontaneity””

“They put me in front of a camera and I had to do a solo on the first day and all I could think of when I did the solo was that Aunt Vera and Plymouth were watching me at that moment

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World News – UK – John Cleese admitted that there is a Fawlty Towers scene that he wishes he could do all over again

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1406283/John-Cleese-Fawlty-Towers-BBC-re-do-scene-BBC-video