Here are the best deals if sales are in full swing on John Lewis Boxing Day

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Sales on John Lewis Boxing Day started before Christmas when the ‘Winter Sale’ landed on Christmas Eve, but the deals are still showing, even as inventories are starting to run out

As expected, the number of discounts available is huge, price cuts on everything from the latest in consumer electronics to fashion and home appliances, we’ve worked hard to find the good deals on the technology that we’re actually evaluating – and we have Given you the links you will need below

Have you finished your shopping list? There’s a lot going on today, so we’ve put together a handy guide to the best John Lewis Boxing Day sales to get your readers bargain with

John Lewis himself had kept fire on the start of his sales through Boxing Day in the past, but this year’s Winter Sale follows the retailer’s tradition of running a more general event in late November

Of course, many other retailers are joining the Boxing Day sale today, although it’s safe to say that thanks to his extended warranties, John Lewis is still one of the best places to shop for premium goods – something its competitors do do not do t tend to offer

Since there’s a lot to do, we’ve broken everything down into easy-to-navigate sections for tech, household items, and fashion. If you’re looking for something in particular, just use the navigation links provided to jump straight to the category that is relevant to you

Or alternatively, check out our highlights at the top of the page for the best John Lewis Boxing Day sales for a comprehensive look at today’s events

If you are simply making a grocery list to buy in-store later, there is also information on openings (and safety) at the bottom of the page.We have also added links where you can find specific information about your local stores Of course, we will only focus on selling online for this article

Great sales on high end televisions is a John Lewis specialty which, along with incredibly generous extended warranty options, makes the retailer one of the best places in the UK to check out OLED and QLED deals

Today we’re seeing some price cuts of up to £ 400 on Panasonic OLEDs, as well as a great promotion on LG OLEDs to get you 21 free movies from Rakuten TV

John Lewis also has many bundle options for those who want to buy a cheap soundbar with their new set as well, for example they currently have a discount code that is currently available on all Samsung TVs and that is available when purchased with a suitable set Reduces the cost of your soundbar by 50 euros

Again, John Lewis tends to have more upscale choices when it comes to laptops, though you can also find cheaper Chromebook options right now, we’re seeing some great cashback options for Samsung Galaxy Books and, what is cheaper, a decent price cut from £ 100 for Asus Chromebooks

Another great option right now is the generous trade-in program that John Lewis runs on all new Apple MacBooks Unless you get an upfront discount, you can get a substantial discount of up to £ 450 when trading an old machine.It is currently also offering discounted to clear prices on older Intel machines, although we would only recommend them too buy when the new M1 chip machines are a little out of your price range as the M1 processor is much faster

John Lewis does premium audio technology really well, and as you’d expect, there are some good sales today for Apple, Bang & Olufsen, and Sony headphones, including some of the lowest prices we’ve seen on the AirPods Offer

For those looking for something cheaper, both Jabra and Samsung headphones have some great price cuts right now, which in the case of Jabra could get you some good wireless headphones for well under £ 100

In today’s John Lewis Boxing Day sale, there are smartwatch deals for all flavors, suitable for both iOS and Android users. Currently, the retailer is offering discounted to clear prices for the now slightly older Apple Watch Series 5 on (for only £ 329 for the cellular version) This is a great option if you’re a flagship with LTE but don’t want to Pay £ 400 for the new Series 6 In fact, there are really generous trade-in cashback offers on the Apple Watches that you can use too save a total of 120 euros

Not looking for an Apple Watch? Thankfully, there are also some fantastic Boxing Day smartwatch sales for Samsung and Garmin devices right now, which have some great premium alternatives to Apple

John Lewis is a great place to go to get unlocked phones, especially Android devices, and we’re seeing some great price drops today, noting the wide range of generous cashback offers currently available, even extending to certain iPhones – especially on the 11 Pro and XR you need to trade in to get the best discount on an Apple device However, if you’re looking for a direct discount, the good news is that some are available on Samsung and OnePlus devices today

Right above are our personal phone deal highlights in the John Lewis Boxing Day Sale We also have a roundup of the cheaper unlocked devices listed below

Appliances and décor are, of course, one of John Lewis’ traditional strengths as a retailer – they offer tons of excellent private label items.The only thing that really sets John Lewis apart from the other top retailers in the UK is the extended warranty options that are in addition to the various Discounts listed above are a fantastic thing

The special highlights include some generous price reductions for own-brand and top-brand mattresses, which have been reduced to clear sales in living room and bedroom furniture, as well as great discounts on Miele washing machines

The John Lewis Boxing Day sale has a huge selection of discounted to clear items in women’s and men’s fashion if you’re looking for a great discount on some premium winter coats, a new handbag, boots, or even knitwear there there are some fantastic discounts right now. We’ve rounded up the top deals above, including deals from popular brands like Levi’s and AllSaints

It has already started with this ‘Winter Sale’ we saw John Lewis start his Boxing Day sales two days early, which is not entirely expected – it usually happens every year and this generally also follows the trend that We have seen retailers in the UK and US expand their sales for extended periods over the holidays this year and in previous years

John Lewis stores are closed on Boxing Day itself The first stage of sales is online only. Under normal circumstances, John Lewis Boxing Day sales will be open from May 27th Available in store December, and we haven’t seen anything to suggest it won’t happen again this year

That means most customers should be able to browse in-store sales by the end of December, although there are currently security guidelines in place – including a queuing system John Lewis uses to keep the number of shoppers in the store at a reduced level, some The retailer’s stores, mainly in the Greater London area, have remained closed after the second national lockdown So before you travel, check to see if your business is affected

You can check specific hours and the latest information by searching for your local John Lewis store here

Next day delivery for most items in the John Lewis catalog provided you order your item by 8 p.m. if it’s a small item, or 2 p.m. if it’s larger as opposed to Other retailers unfortunately have an extra charge on next day delivery from John Lewis, although there are free standard shipping options if you spend more than £ 50

A click-and-collect system is also available This is another handy option if you have a local business near you

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