Kent and Medway have been placed in Tier 3 Covid Restrictions as the country opened on Jan. December leaves the lockdown

The strictest tier has been applied to the county as weekly covid rates for Swale and Thanet are currently the highest in the country, with Medway also seeing an increasing rate

Animal assignments are reviewed every 14 days, but the system will remain in place until the end of March

Level decisions are based on:
a case detection rate in all age groups;
b case detection rates in the 60s and over;
c The rate at which cases rise or fall;
d Rate of positivity (the number of positive cases found as a percentage of the tests
taken); and
e Pressure on the NHS, including current and projected occupancy

A list of grade assignments has been posted on the government website in Kent and Medway as Ter 3, it states: “Fall rates are high and continuing to rise, with case rates rising sharply in almost all areas in the past 7 days / p>

“Some of the highest fall rates in the country are currently in Kent. A particular problem is rising fall rates in people over 60. Positivity is also increasing in 10 of the 13 subordinate municipalities

“Kent and Medway STP report that hospital admissions are on the rise and that mutual assistance is needed across the county”

Government dashboard data shows 110 positive tests posted for Thanet yesterday (Jan. November), which equates to 753 in the seven days up to that date. Unfortunately, the decline in numbers has not been sustained and the rate has now increased by 3.9%

Data from Kent Public Health shows Thanet now has 477 cases per 100000 people (as of 22 November) is 8 per 100 (versus 510)000 (as of 16 Swale is at 5304, also down from 647 on Nov. November is the same, but both rates are well above the 2013 UK average

The total number of people in Thanet who received a confirmed positive test result is 3538

Within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test, for the week ended March 25, November 18 deaths reported for Thanet. The total number of people who died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus on November 24 November died was 145 Covid-19 is mentioned on death certificate but may not be the leading cause of death

The tier-level restrictions mean continued closings of pubs (take-out / delivery allowed), hotels and leisure facilities such as cinemas, theaters and soft play centers, as well as an ongoing ban on indoor socializing

The Kent County Council (KCC) has invited the Army to help put mass coronavirus testing in place, although it was said last week that due to the pressure on the service, military support would not be available

The “Lateral Flow” tests give results within 30 minutes and are similar to a pregnancy test

This month around 2000 soldiers drafted into Liverpool to conduct tests in a citywide pilot

Andrew Scott-Clark, director of public health at KCC, warned last Friday that extensive testing would be a “huge logistical task” and Kent needed the right infrastructure to operate effectively

The stay-at-home requirement ends stores – both essential and non-essential – personal care products – including hairdressers – gyms, and the entire recreational sector will open to collective worship, weddings, and outdoor sports may resume subject to social distancing People will no longer be limited to just seeing one other person in the public space outdoors – Rule 6 now applies as in the previous stages

The curfew for restaurants and bars at 10 p.m. has been lifted.Instead, 10 p.m. are the last orders that require customers to leave the premises by 11 p.m. (on the levels where they are open)

Lockdown 2 was launched today (5 November) all over England, but numerous services are still available Restaurants and Bars […]

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