The entire county will be from the 2nd December will face the highest restrictions on coronavirus, the government said on Thursday

At some of the highest Covid-19 rates in the UK, Kent is ranked Tier 3 due to concerns about rising hospital admissions

The entire county will be included from Nov. December will face the strictest restrictions on coronavirus, the government said on Thursday

Two districts in Kent – Swale and Thanet – have the two highest Covid 19 infection rates in England, according to data analysis by the PA news agency

However, the government is criticized for its decision not to split the county with around 1 inhabitants, 9 million – in stages based on infection rates

Jo James, executive director of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, said the news was “disappointing”, adding, “How come everything goes out the window about Christmas?”

A Conservative MP from Kent said he feared a unified approach for the county could tempt people to “jump the line” to go to a pub

I am very disappointed that all of Kent was ranked Tier 3 Before the lockdown, we were Tier 1 What did the lockdown achieve? We need to publish the full analysis #RoadToRecovery

Meanwhile, Canterbury Labor MP Rosie Duffield tweeted that Kent’s Tier 3 restrictions were “potentially bad for our region”

Several Kent MPs wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Wednesday asking that different areas of the county be subject to different restrictions

However, the government has taken a nationwide approach with all of Kent to face Tier 3

The government justified the decision with the words: “The fall rates are high and continue to rise, with the fall rates in almost all areas rising sharply in the last seven days

“Some of the highest fall rates in the country are currently in Kent. A particular problem is rising fall rates in people over 60 years of age

“Kent and Medway STP (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership) report hospital admissions are increasing and mutual assistance is needed across the county”

Ms. James, director of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, said the news that the entire county will enter Tier 3 was “disappointing” but not a shock

“I’ve spoken to some and they are absolutely devastated, but by and large it was expected,” she said

“I think there is no doubt it’s disappointing that we were placed in Tier 3

“I can understand why, because we have some of the highest infection rates in some of our districts, but that means we have some of the lowest infection rates

“It’s such a shame that somewhere like Kent, which is one of the largest counties in the country, has to be looked at as a whole”

She added that “it doesn’t make complete sense” to have areas in Kent in Tier 3 where people will be living just above the county boundary in Tier 2

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale criticized the decision to put all of Kent in Tier 3, saying he feared people would “cross the line” to go to a tier 2 pub

He told Sky News, “The aim of the exercise was to establish a system that the public will accept

“We know it’s high in Thanet, Ashford isn’t that high (in terms of infection rates)

“Will you be satisfied with it? No, they aren’t and what will of course happen is people are jumping the line or trying to jump the line to go to a pub or restaurant that may be open if it’s one in tier 2 or in tier 1 is pretty close

Roger Truelove, chairman of Swale Borough Council, said he would approve of Kent statewide Tier 3 restrictions

He said to PA: “I appreciate that we have to be, we have to be in Tier 3 I hope this is an incentive for the local people to follow the guidelines as much as possible so that we can our numbers can lower ”

In the seven days until the 21st On November 1st, Swale recorded an infection rate of 5,350 per 100000, the highest in England

Mr. Truelove added, “I fully understand other counties that don’t have as high a rate as we do, but the fact is that the level of Kent is increasing … and I think it’s much better from a public health perspective is “

” to indicate whether they are all on the same plane

He told PA that if different counties in Kent had different restrictions, he believed that “a lot of people would move from one county to another”

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