The former Atomic Kitten singer appeared on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch Thursday, describing the terrifying moment she discovered a lump in her armpit

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The former Atomic Kitten singer appeared on the Channel 4 show Steph’s Packed Lunch on Thursday, describing the terrifying moment she discovered a lump in her armpit

Thankfully, Kerry was told it wasn’t cancerous, but she wanted to pass her story on to others as a warning so that if they too found something unpleasant

they would be checked

“I did a photoshoot for my clothes and there was a picture of my arm upstairs You can see the lump on my armpit Someone left a comment to have it checked out”

While ignoring it at first, she knew something had to be done when she felt it to be

“I was in the shower and shaved that armpit and thought, ‘Yeah, it’s a bit of a big lump’And then when I shaved the other armpit I was like the difference in the lump that was here to this armpit

“In the past six weeks, my right breast was five times more swollen than my left

“I had surgery on my breasts about a year and a half earlier. Everything was fine and then, six weeks before the lump, I kept getting really painful sensations in my chest. It was so painful

“I thought something was wrong, the operation went wrong and then when I found the lump I did the worst you could do and went on google”

Kerry went on to explain how she feared she would be told she had months to live

“The difference in the chest was so dramatic that I walked out of the shower to my fiancé and immediately started crying,” said the mother of five

“I thought I went through addiction, I went bankrupt, I went through mental health, and I can control all of that, it’s in my power

“And then I thought this is it, I’ll go to the doctors and they will tell me it really annoys me you still have three or six months “

An emotional Kerry continued, “This was after Sarah Harding was diagnosed with a feeling that whether you’re on TV, whether you’re a judge, lawyer, or TV presenter, we are not invincible

Kerry said a mammogram and MRI showed the lump wasn’t cancerous, but damage related to a previous surgery she’d done on her breasts

“Fortunately, it turned out that my lymph node had been damaged during the operation,” she explained

“I still haven’t had it repaired, this breast is still much bigger. To fix the problem, I’m losing a third of my breast, but I’ve left it for now”

Kerry Katona

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