The Arsenal defender has never hidden his love for Celtic and plans to be a real fan again once he has hung his boots

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Kieran Tierney has announced his only goal after football is to follow Celtic again across the country

And he admits that when he retires, his first return to Scotland is because he misses home so much while living in London and playing for Arsenal

The Boyhood Hoops fan has never hidden his love for the Premiership club, and many fans hope he will return to Celtic Park at some point before he quits playing later in his career

Speaking to Arsenal’s matchday schedule on the Sunday before the game with Leeds, he discussed his post-retirement plans and admitted he’d given it some thought

But he’s only focused on his soccer ball and while he’s spoken to older players about coaching qualifications, he’s not too worried about getting them done yet

That means his only ambition right now is to follow Celtic home and away for the rest of his life once he’s hung his cubicles

He said, “I’ve been thinking about it, but it’s hard to say it’s that far away

“It hasn’t crossed my mind to get coaching badges or anything like that. Some of the older players are talking about it and doing the qualifications You probably think more about it when you’re over 30, but before that it’s all about your career as a gamer

“I’ll be back anyway and do something

“I will definitely be living in Scotland when I’m percent done”I miss it every day”

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