Sky Sports News is analyzing Lionel Messi’s future from the perspective of the player Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Major League Soccer now that he is free to negotiate a summer outcome – but he still wants to leave?

Lionel Messi can now talk to clubs outside of Spain about leaving Barcelona for good this summer, but does he still want to leave despite last year’s transfer request?

His future is marked by uncertainty with every option on the table, so Sky Sports News has put together this comprehensive analysis of all sides of the equation

Will he be reunited with Pep Guardiola in Manchester City? Will he play for compatriot Mauricio Pochettino in Paris Saint-Germain? Will he be flying straight to the US to play in MLS? Or will he end his career as a one-club man and stay with Barcelona?

Here are all the possible contingencies of what Messi is in them and how any of them could play out

Messi has publicly confirmed that he will wait until the end of the season before making a final decision about his uncertain future in Barcelona

In a long interview with Spanish broadcaster La Sexta before Christmas, the Argentine striker said: “Now it’s about thinking about the team, ending the year well and not getting distracted by other things I don’t know what will happen I’ll focus on what we have here and fight for all we can I’ll wait for the season to end “

Then his Barca contract expires and he expects four options Stay at Nou Camp, sign for either Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain, or move to the US and finish his career in Major League Soccer

In his interview, he further stated: “I’ve always dreamed of playing in a different division in the US” but “he doesn’t know if it will happen”, which raised the prospect of a transfer this summer except Country

So his future will be delicately balanced when the transfer window opens in January Messi can now speak to other clubs outside of Spain, and the platform on which these applicants can convince him that his future lies with them

However, it is now clear that Messi is the result of Barca’s presidential election on Jan. January and may want to meet the winner to hear their future project and where it would fit

This means that teams like City, PSG and MLS only have three weeks to assert themselves in front of the Catalans, otherwise a four-way fight will take place in the months to June, which also includes the youth club he always plays for still has a lot of affection

There is not much that Barcelona interim board can do to convince Messi to stay ahead of the election and sign another deal that job will be in the hands of the new president

There are really only two favorites for the job; Joan Laporta, who was previously president, and Victor Font, the telecommunications entrepreneur

While there is no indication that Messi prefers it either and the player has stayed out of the debate so far, Laporta has a good relationship with him after overseeing the most successful period in the club’s history with Guardiola as head coach / p>

And Laporta recently said he would do “everything possible” to keep Messi if he returns for another spell at the top

Font, meanwhile, want to rebuild Barca from scratch He produced his players from La Masia Academy and partnered with one of his best products – Messi’s former teammate Xavi – to return as head coach

Xavi is expected to be part of Laporta’s deliberations, but of Messi, Font said: “I am convinced that a competitive, exciting and, in Messi’s case, long-term project – one that could even go beyond the day on when Messi retires, we will convince him to stay “

The front runners will emerge this month and are likely to indicate who will hold key positions in the hierarchy.These developments will shape Messi’s thinking, but it won’t be until the elections are held and a firm plan is put forward that Messi’s future will be significantly affected

City was most capable of signing Messi last summer if he could have pulled himself out of his deal via this controversial release clause

Sky Sports News was told at the time that both Messi and Guardiola were planning to renew their partnership at Etihad to give the Premier League runners-up an edge over other applicants this summer to be available at no transfer fee

The power brokers in Man City are closely linked to Barcelona Guardiola, director of football Txiki Begiristain, executive director Ferran Soriano and chief football operations officer Omar Berrada have all worked there before – and they were wary of getting involved in last year’s series between Messi and the board

But now that they can negotiate a move with Messi on a solid basis, within the rules and without upset their former employers, which only raises their hand, they can start selling a supposedly ten-year plan for Messi at the City Football Group (CFG) to be involved

City may have become one of the best clubs in England and among the best in Europe, but they are still lagging behind in the Champions League and even more lacking in their global brand of signing arguably the best player of their generation , who has just broken Pele’s record, would accelerate his worldwide reputation

Conveniently, they also have an MLS team in New York City that would accommodate Messi’s desire to get to the core of his career in America

The arrival of Argentinian compatriot Pochettino as Paris Saint-Germain boss has only fueled speculation that Messi is destined for the Parc des Princes

And nobody in the club seems to ever distance themselves from a move for the player

A source familiar with the club’s transfer activity says it is too early to say if PSG will make their move, but Pochettino himself insisted that “every great player in the world is always welcome at PSG is “when asked about Messi on his reveal this week

What is clear is that a Messi move is popular with the players, especially his ex-Barcelona teammate Neymar

Messi has spoken publicly in the past about the Brazilian star’s return to Barcelona and brought up the issue again in his La Sexta interview. He said: “Neymar would be extremely expensive How would the club pay PSG for the transfer?

“The situation will be difficult for the new president, who has to be smart and get everything in order. Changes will be needed to do well

“I don’t know if Neymar said that (that the two of them would play together next year). You’d have to ask him what he said. We talk sometimes and we are in contact”

Neymar asked PSG to sign him during the Messi debacle last August, as reported by Sky Sports News at the time, and Neymar reiterated his opinion on the matter last month

PSG and Argentinian player Leandro Paredes also told ESPN: “Messi at PSG? I hope we all want him to come but it will be his choice””

PSG sporting director Leonardo respects Barcelona and doesn’t like to talk about his players – but he hasn’t completely ruled out the move

Now that Messi has already voiced his desire to play in the top flight of the United States, it’s more a matter of location than whether he’ll play

Which city he would most like to live in will inevitably play a role too, which gives LA Galaxy, New York City and Red Bulls, and David Beckham’s Inter Miami an obvious advantage

Galaxy obviously has an established track record of hosting the game’s biggest names including Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the past few years, which will help their cause They reportedly made overtures to Messi back in January 2020

But probably in the driver’s seat would be New York City – under the same CFG flag as Manchester City and that could obviously be part of their long-term vision for the player. The team is still relatively new and Messi’s arrival would bring them into the city’s culture let it flow in

Beckham, along with his legacy in MLS, could provide an invaluable avenue and mentor to Messi – both in gaming and business terms –

MLS teams are already scrutinizing the financial and legal aspects of Messi’s signing and how partnerships with clubs in Europe can potentially add to their cause, and a Barcelona presidential candidate, Xavi Vilajoana, reportedly wants an MLS Acquire franchise to keep Messi in the Nou warehouse

Regardless of where he ends up, Messi’s presence in MLS should help bring the game even further into national consciousness

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