In Wales it will be legal again to go to the barber shop and meet friends in a garden

The Welsh Government is easing lockdown rules, replacing the stay at home rules with an obligation to stay on site

Up to four adults from two households are allowed to meet in a private garden in Wales until Saturday

First Minister Mark Drakeford also said stand-alone accommodations will be available from Jan. May reopen March as long as falls remain low, which could give the tourism industry a potential boost before Easter

However, he cautioned that if the holiday providers took bookings from England, where the bank holidays restrictions remain in place, another reopening would be stopped

For people living in England, the “stay at home” rule ends on May 29th March, but UK public holidays are no earlier than March 12th April allowed

“As a rule of thumb, you should think of locally as a five mile radius from where you live However, if you live in a valley parish or rural area, you can use your judgment and go a little further”Mr. Drakeford said

Mark Drakeford said the relaxation of the rules in Wales is the beginning of a “gradual approach” out of the lockdown

During his lunchtime press conference, which will be around 12:15 pm GMT, he will present a more detailed timetable for the restrictions being relaxed

Mr Drakeford added: “We will monitor every change we make so we know what impact each change has had on the public health situation in Wales”

It has now also been confirmed that primary schools will be open to all students on Monday

Secondary school students in exam years (11 and 13) also return to class, and schools have the flexibility to accept 10th grade students and 12 Bring back class

Vicky Lewis, who owns Vickis Salon and Kidz Cutz in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, hailed the news after another ban that had been “awful, boring and stressful”

“I’ve had my salon for 22 years and really wanted to work,” she said

“It’s also very worrying that you don’t know if you still have your customers. It feels like I’m starting all over again”

Now she’s excited to mend the same “overgrown and scary haircuts” she saw after the initial lockdown

He said “schools are our top priority” and the scientific advice was clear that the safest way to get children back into class was to do it gradually

Mr Drakeford previously said that during this review, Ministers would seek to “reopen some non-essential retail stores”

However, this begins now on Nov. March, when garden centers can reopen and supermarkets remove the packaging from their non-essential aisles

All other stores are expected to be open from December 12th Reopened April The Welsh government claims an additional 150 million Making GBP available to assist businesses affected by ongoing restrictions

Sara Jones, director of the Welsh Retail Consortium, said the late reopening of stores was “deeply frustrating” as the industry lost £ 100 million in revenue every week during the lockdown

“At the last review, the first minister opened the door to a possible reopening on Monday and many retailers have taken the plunge and invested in their stores and vacation staff in preparation,” she said

Mr Drakeford told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast: “Three weeks ago I said we could start reopening non-essential retail and we will do so on November 22nd Do March because supermarkets and other stores that are allowed to reopen will”Now you can sell the full range of goods available – both essential and non-essential

The garden center managers were frustrated because they had to close while the centers in England remained open

Nicola Pugh, senior operations manager at Pughs Garden Village in Cardiff, said she was “pleased” to have permission to reopen

She said they continued to grow plants locally in their nurseries so they could store their centers in Radyr and Wenvoe

“We are ready and waiting and have worked hard to ensure safe shopping for all of our wonderful customers,” she added

Mr Drakeford told Radio Wales that he will discuss plans to reopen other industries beyond mid-April at his Covid-19 press conference at 12:15 pm GMT

“This includes outdoor hospitality, leisure centers, and gyms that are safe to reopen,” he said

“But the further you are from today, the more uncertain things become. We have a new variant in Wales and no one knows how this Kent variant will react”

The first minister accepted that he would not be able to prevent people in Wales from traveling abroad if the UK government stopped its plan to stop traveling abroad from 17 May fully reopen, implements

But he said he had “asked British ministers to consider very carefully” whether they could allow foreign travel at this point

“We had a really difficult time in Wales in September because people came back from all over Europe with an infection,” he said

“I really don’t want everything we’ve done together, the sacrifices we’ve made, to be compromised by importing the virus”

Independent accommodations will be available from 27 Reopened March in Wales but people in England will not be able to vacation in Wales at this time

In England, the “stay at home” rule ends on May 29th However, overnight stays in self-catering and self-catering accommodations are not permitted until March 12th at the earliest April allowed

Mr Drakeford said the further reopening of the tourism industry in Wales would be halted if holiday providers were found to be taking bookings from people in England over Easter

“People renting out accommodation shouldn’t take bookings from people living outside of Wales,” he told PA News Agency

“We’re going to speak to our colleagues from the local authority and the police next week to see if there is anything we need to do to mobilize our own law enforcement agencies

“If the industry were acting irresponsibly, the punishment would be that we couldn’t open the industry any further,” he said

Welsh Conservative Chairman Andrew RT Davies welcomed the end of the stay at home rules but said: “Labor’s U-turn in opening a non-essential retail store at short notice will be a hammer blow to many for the company and the decision to go Voting now with England in this area shows that we could have adopted a similar roadmap weeks ago

“Labor Ministers’ continued refusal to do this will only increase frustration in the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic and put more Welsh jobs at risk”

Adam Price, chairman of Plaid Cymru, said travel restrictions should be relaxed with caution and the “stay local” message should be introduced “as long as necessary”

Mr. Price also urged the Welsh Government to “come up with the clearest plan for the road ahead”

For a period in December, the fall rate in Wales was one of the highest in the world – and the lockdown was introduced just before Christmas

However, the rate has dropped significantly during the restrictions, and since the vaccination program is in place, it is now 43 cases per 100000 people

The Wales fall rate is now at its lowest level since Jan. September and although it rose slightly for the first time since late January, it remains below the threshold of 50 cases per 100000 “circuit breaker” threshold

In England, all restrictions will come into effect no earlier than May 21 June canceled This is part of a four-step “roadmap” based on certain conditions, such as: B. a successful introduction of vaccines

Scotland has announced that as of Friday the 12th March, more people can meet outside, which is earlier than expected

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