Lorraine Kelly, 61, met actress Elizabeth Olsen, 31, via video call on her show today to discuss the new Doctor’s Strange Marvel Movie During their chat, she accidentally referred to the film as Dr Strangelove, the 1964 film starring Peter Sellers and George C Scott

I know! I’m an Eejit – realized it too late but corrected myself – big Marvel fan

She asked Elizabeth about the delay in filming due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and said, “You should of course be doing the Doctor Strangelove movie with Benedict Cumberbatch, but I think like everything else it is holding on now, but if it’s a bit becomes easier, can you hopefully film again? “

The actress replied, “Yeah, I think we hope to start next week, it’s quite a testing system”

She went on to explain that there had been no Covid cases on set in the two months of filming they did earlier this year, adding, “So I really trust our crews to be good take care of themselves and their families I trust that the system will work for itself ”

Lorraine’s mistake was quickly highlighted by a viewer on Twitter who wrote: “@reallorraine is clearly not a @Marvel fan! “Dr Strangelove Film “, next to a laughing emoji

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The presenter replied, revealing that she is a Marvel fan and corrected her mistake shortly thereafter

She wrote: “I know! I’m an Eejit – realized it too late, but corrected myself – big Marvel fan xx ”

Fans of the presenter commented on her post with a letter, “We know Loki [Marvel character] is your spirit animal @reallorraine”

Elizabeth will repeat her role as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch, while Benedict will play Dr Stephen Strange

Elsewhere this week, Lorraine apologized to Harry Potter star Jessie Cave in another bug in the air

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During the chat, Lorraine asked Jessie how her husband was doing without realizing that the two are not married

Jessie, who was sitting with her newborn on a video call, discovered that her partner was also suffering from coronavirus

The actress replied, “It’s okay for everyone to do this and part of me feels like, ‘Yes, he’s my husband”

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World News – UK – Lorraine Kelly reacts as viewer points to the epic Marvel gaffe in the air: “I’m an Eejit”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1383986/Lorraine-Kelly-Doctor-Strange-Marvel-Elizabeth-Olsen-mistake-twitter-news-latest-update