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LOVE Island star Demi Jones snapped at her followers Tuesday after asking if she was pregnant

The 22-year-old currently lives in Dubai and has decided to share a swimwear snap on Instagram while soaking up the sun

In the picture Demi is wearing a nude bathing suit and a white linen shirt while she puts a hand on her stomach and grins in front of the camera

She just got the post titled “Wear the Smile God Gave Me” and her 11 million followers were quick to comment

One person wrote, “I thought she was pregnant,” followed by a laughing emoji face, but Demi didn’t get any of it

Since many other people commented “right away” on the pregnancy comment, another person suggested, “I think they mean the way you hold your stomach, not that your stomach is bulging (sic)”

The person who made the original comment later added, “Just for clarification, I just thought that because of your hand placement for a second I think you’re great anyway and it wasn’t meant to be offensive (sic ) “

Another troll questions her smile from God and comments, “I’m pretty sure you got it in Turkey, but go (sic)”

And Demi didn’t hold back and replied, “I had braces for 4 years and I brushed my teeth twice a day, try it out!”

Undoubtedly Demi had forgotten everything when she went to dinner with her friends in Dubai

Judging by her Instagram story, Demi enjoyed an epic evening at Sky 5 Dubai eating amazing looking sushi

Demi isn’t the only reality star to have fled the UK to catch real vitamin D

Love Island’s besties, Molly-Mae Hague and Maura Higgins, ex on the beach, Georgia Harrison and Towie favorite Amber Turner, are nearly 5Flown 000 miles away to escape current Covid-19 stress

While we all brave the cold weather with extra layers, woolly hats, and our heating in full swing, many of our favorite famous faces have been enjoying the sunshine at the celebrity hotspot

The stars have been seen drinking cocktails in some of the most elaborate five-star bars in the country, eating in expensive restaurants, and dancing the night away in some of the best nightclubs

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone in the UK is jealous of what they’re up to in the Middle East right now

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World news – GB – Demi Jones from Love Island beats trolls because she is pregnant in Dubai