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Zach Thompson is giving his top Studs and Value games in each position for the Madden Stream DraftKings table, with three games on Thursday, starting at 6:00 p.m. ET

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Thursday brings another full list of Madden Sims to the DraftKings Dream Stream, with six games scheduled for the afternoon and evening. The featured three-game classic begins at 6:00 p.m. ET when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Arizona Visiting Cardinals in a Bird Fight in the Desert At 8:00 am in prime time, the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to the virtual Big Apple, where they compete against the New York Giants, and we close the list with a nice matchup “Madden After Dark” between the Carolina Panthers and the Kansas from City Chiefs

As with all of these Madden Sims, it’s important to know that any roster is not affected by COVID-19 opt-outs, injuries, suspensions, or illness, and that the top-rated options have been placed at the top of the depth maps The list for each team includes all player movements that occurred prior to week 1 of this season, using the Madden 21 ratings from week 1 of this season

For more information on Game Settings, Depth Maps, Skills, and X-Factors for each team in Madden 21, as well as the upcoming schedule, please visit the Madden Stream Info Page. In the last December update, we made some changes to the X-Factors and Superstars So be sure to check the depth maps of the individual teams

Check out the DraftKings Madden Stream Contests Daily Lobby with Paid Contests for real cash prizes now available alongside free contests Each simulation is played computer versus computer via an online Madden stream on Madden 21 In this format, you can watch the game stream on the DraftKings YouTube channel, in the DK Live app (download here) or directly here in this post

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Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Carolina Panthers, $ 8000 – Mahomes is the only QB with an overall rating of 99 in the Week 1 ratings used for these Sims.Mahomes was outstanding during these contests averaging 249 DKFP per contest at 2,858 yards per Sim and 147 touchdowns in 54 Sims for an average 27 touchdowns per competition.He completed multiple touchdowns in eight Sims for a total of 24 over this distance.He has over 23 DKFP in all but two of these eight competitions and in three of those games over 29 DKFP Mahomes and the Chiefs have Carolina in week 9 in the real world but they haven’t even looked at them in these Madden 21 Sims yet.The Panthers secondary school is struggling, so I don’t think they will get much of slowing down Mahome’s The X Factor Superstar should be ready for another monster game in this matchup and well worth paying for it if possible

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, 6th$ 800 – The only other QB on this list besides Mahomes, who averages over 20 DKFP per Sim, is Wentz, who has the benefit of continuing to work with his rating for Week 1 that doesn’t think about how He’s struggled a lot this season, Wentz has thrown 90 touchdowns in 45 sims and averaged 2,464 yards per competition.He had 1,532 DKFP in the Eagles’ first game against Arizona, but has played better than 18 DKFP in nine of his last 12 competitions with over 18 DKFP than the last Time, highlighted by a touchdown of five, 3156-DKFP performance against Packer Wentz may be a minor boom-or-bust, but his ceiling is high enough that he is the best option if you decide to break away from Mahomes and hope to combine its production with a cheaper game

Saquon Barkley, New York Giants vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, Jan.$ 800 – Barkley was solid in these Sims as the clear focus of the Giants ‘offensive and should be able to find running room against the Jaguars’ shaky defenses.The Quadfather has 41 touchdowns on their 44 Sims that race 753 yards per Sim and adding 43 catches for 321 reception yards per game.He had 203 DKFP when the Giants beat the Jags four Sims ago and has over 18 DKFP in eight of his last 10 Sims, where he averaged a sturdy 242 DKFP per competition.He has one extremely high ceiling and was quite reliable due to its consistently heavy workload

Kenyan Drake, Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles, $ 6300 – This plan is tricky as there are absolutely no cheap value options with RB that are consistently involved.All six teams use a single return as both an RB1 and a third return, so there is no way to schedule a timeshare on the cheapest of the six Starting RBs is Drake, who did very well at these Sims as Arizona’s first choice in the backfield.He scored 33 touchdowns in his 44 Sims, averaging 527 rushing yards and 252 yards per contest.He had one of those touchdowns and 162 DKFP in his first Matchup against the Eagles, and he’s been consistent at over 11 DKFP across seven straight Sims, while not a cheap game, it has outperformed the other cheaper RBs and can help you save a little salary at this point

Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Carolina Panthers, $ 8000 – Hill always seems to be in a great matchup due to his speed of 99 and has consistently played big games in Madden 21. In his 54 Sims, Hill has 51 touchdowns and an average of 952 yards per Sim on 64 catches per competition Led that he rarely went broke over 20 DKFP and regularly posted.He reached that level in six of his last nine games, knocking 563 DKFP in one of those competitions with four touchdowns against Saint Hill was the most prolific WR in all of Madden 21, therefore, you must consider paying for him even though he’s on this 8th listHas $ 000

Marquise Goodwin, Philadelphia Eagles at the Arizona Cardinals, 4th$ 900 – Goodwin doesn’t quite match Hill’s speed of 99, but it comes pretty close. Hill is the only player with a speed of 99; Henry Ruggs of the Raiders is in second place with a speed of 98 and Goodwin is right behind the two with his speed of 97. The real life COVID opt-out was productive as WR3 of the Eagles in these Sims and takes advantage of that speed To make big games Goodwin can be a boom-or-bust, having a down game with only one catch, but is usually more involved with an average of 3.7 catches per contest Goodwin had four catches for 93 yards and 141 DKFP in his previous matchup with the Cardinals, and he has a solid production of under 5000 USD with a lot of potential for big game

Demarcus Robinson, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Carolina Panthers, 4th$ 400 – With no big wage cut at RB, key to building the lineup is getting cheap WRs, and luckily there are some good options for around 4$ 000 Robinson was very productive as WR3 of the Chiefs, scoring a touchdown in five direct Sims while producing over 12 DKFP in each of these competitions. He had four catches and 128 DKFP in his final sim against the Jaguars. He has a total of 17 touchdowns in his 54 Sims and has multiple catches in 91% of these games, which makes it a great option at the price

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Carolina Panthers, 6$ 300 – Although Mahomes has been very focused on Hill, he still finds ways to include Kelce and gives big TE a lot of edge if you can afford his salary. Kelce has at least five catches in four of his last five Sims and had a nine catch monster, 323 DKFP performance in front of two Sims against the Rams.He has been kept under 10 DKFP in a few games lately so he’s not the Chiefs’ main option to fit under your salary cap, but he has definitely a higher cap and a better chance of getting there than any other TE available

Tyler Eifert, Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants, Jan.$ 700 – Eifert has been very reliable on these sims as one of Gardner Minshew’s favorite targets.He made 47 catches for 446 yards per sim.His regular volume makes him a stable investment, and he’s also had a solid uptrend as he did posted over 19 DKFP in two of his last three Sims.He got double-digit DKFP in eight of his last 12 Sims and averaged 129 DKFP per contest over that distance.He doesn’t get many touchdowns with only 15 in his 45 Sims, but he gets enough PPR -Work to still be a solid option

Jaguars DST at New York Giants, 2nd$ 900 – The Jaguars’ defenses have been solid lately, with multiple sacks in seven straight ledges, including a two-sack, 30 DKFP performance against the Giants in front of a few ledges in this game, the Jaguars kept New York on only 10 points and they should be able to get back to a solid total on this rematch as long as they keep Saquon from leaving

Eagles DST at Arizona Cardinals, 2nd$ 600 – On a board with so many stars to pay for, you might want to go super cheap on DST The Eagles allow you to do so while watching Kyler Murray (Jan.$ 200), who is not as good at these Sims as he was last season in real life, still offers an edge Philadelphia had four sacks and five DKFP in its previous matchup with Arizona and has forced 14 turnovers, with 77 sacks Going Over 45 Sims The Eagles aren’t one of the elite units to enforce sales, but they do have a pretty solid unit overall and should be able to produce in this street matchup

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