formidable quiz champion Mark Labbett says his weight is at its lowest level in 25 years after dropping 10 stones from his heaviest weight

The 55-year-old star of The Chase – nicknamed The Beast – told The Sun that he now weighs 19 stones and can buy off the rack instead of ordering special XXXXL clothing

When he quit his full-time teaching job in 2003, he weighed 29 points, but a new fitness regimen during lockdown has allowed him to lose significant weight

“As soon as the stores reopen I’ll be doing a mega-shop for all the big stores as I can now wear Mark’s & Spencer pants and chinos in an XL,” he said

“It’s the first time I’ve been able to buy off the shelf in as long as I can remember”

Labbett was inspired to improve his diet after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2016 He cut his sugar intake, went to the gym, and ate only two meals a day

He also said he was now ready to get back into the dating game after breaking up with Mrs. Katie last year

The quizzer said he likes “smart women” and noted that despite first impressions, a particular television star turned out to be a less suitable partner

“I don’t want to call and shame, but I met a woman from TOWIE who was supposed to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he said

“Instead, after about ten minutes, I tried to bring my conversation to their level – and missed it. It was a bleak conversation”

Labbett has hinted that he got along fine with another celebrity brainbox, former countdown mathematician Carol Vorderman

“She’s smart and she and I have a lot of fun together,” said Labbett. “She has an IQ of 154, mine is 151, she is great to chat with and we both love rugby

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Labbett might have some competition on this front, with Vorderman proving very popular when she recently signed up for the high-end dating app Raya

She said, “A buddy of mine said it was a laugh. Lots of LA folks made funny contact, men and women, but that’s not my scene”

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