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Fans of ITV’s The Masked Singer have made it their business to solve the riddle of who is behind the sausage shortly before the finale

It’s the show that leaves everyone guessing – The Masked Singer UK sees a number of singing celebrities in elaborate disguises

Throughout the series, Stacey Solomon and Sheridan Smith have been the two most recognizable names since the show started in December

The Mirror reports that some fans are “convinced” it has to be Joss – with plenty of clues going back to previous interviews and moments in her career

Earlier this month, Devon Live reported that a Tik Tok user named Matt is certain that Devon’s own Joss Stone is behind the ‘Sausage’ character

Although the singer recently gave birth to a baby, Joss Stone was suggested by judges and viewers on occasion as the show progressed before Sheridan and Stacey leaped forward

In Matt’s videos, he plays some of the clues that were shown on the show, then cuts to his ‘evidence’ as to why he believes Sausage is Joss Stone

Matt then showed a clip by Joss Stone about Loose Women, when one of the judges asked how she got to a show, Joss replied that the story was about a horse

Watched another video The Sausage told viewers that most likely you can find them with a hammer and a set of nails as they love a little DIY Then we saw her bright pink tool box

According to Der Spiegel, a hint mentioned that she “looks like a horse,” which could refer to her playing Anne von Cleeves in the TV drama The Tudors, as the former wife of King Henry VIII has often been described as looking like a horse

Sausage singing I Will Survive could be an indication that Anne outlived the other women – although this role may also be linked to another reference to sausage, “bagging a king for yourself”

Viewers discovered snakes and ladders-themed paper on a video, with snakes and ladders being one of Joss’ songs – and then there’s her love of home improvement, which is also mentioned on the show

After all, Joss is known to the King that he attended the weddings of Prince William and Prince Harry

It seems certain that she is a contender for the mysterious celebrity – while many have been blown away by the fact that Joss would have been pregnant while filming it

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