The Minister of Health does not rule out a tougher lockdown in England and supports the police, who have fined two women for walking

The UK Health Secretary has said that anyone “Flex can be fatal” when it comes to compliance with lockdown rules while refusing to rule out lockdown restrictions in England that are getting stricter

Also, in interviews, Matt Hancock said he largely supported the police’s decision to punish two women who walked five miles

On the BBC’s The Andrew Marr, Hancock was asked if the current rules might need to be tightened. “I don’t want to speculate because the main message is not whether the government will further strengthen the rules,” he replied Most important thing is that people stay home and follow the rules we have ”

And in a separate interview on Skys Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Hancock said that the police “did an excellent job under very difficult circumstances” and that they rightly took the lockdown rules “very seriously”

His comments were later echoed by Labor leader Keir Starmer, who said the lockdown restrictions on England “may not be strict enough” and that kindergartens “probably should be closed”, although he said he would like to hear the science Advice on this

The Derbyshire Police Department received widespread criticism when it was found that they fined two women £ 200 each for driving five miles for a walk on a reservoir.The women were also told their names were Drinks they had taken could be classified as picnics

The force later stated that they were reviewing the fines, but when asked if the original police action was correct, Hancock replied, “In any case, I will support the police

“You could look at the rules and think,” Well, it doesn’t matter that much whether I do this or that “However, these rules are not limits that need to be moved You are the limit of what people should do ”

When asked if this meant it was illegal to go anywhere for a walk, Hancock said he did not know the exact details of this case, but said he thought the police were enforcing the rules sensitively

Hancock told the program the pressure on the NHS was “very, very bad” It comes after nearly 60 in the UK on Saturday000 new cases of coronavirus have been reported and the number of deaths after testing positive is 80Has exceeded 000

But he said that every day more than 200000 people had been vaccinated and approximately a third of people over 80 had now been vaccinated. He described this as “significant progress” in achieving the government’s goal of ensuring that all members of the top four priority groups – residents and nursing home workers, NHS and Nursing staff, people over 70 and people at extreme clinical risk – one stab was offered by 15 February A total of about 2 million people have now been vaccinated, said Hancock

He said that seven mass vaccination centers in places like Epsom Downs Racecourse will open this week, with more to come

Since school principals said the number of parents sending children to school in England because they are key workers is now much higher than when they were first banned, Hancock confirmed that key workers should only then send their children to class if absolutely necessary

“Schools are for the children of key workers, where key workers have to have the children in school in order to get to work,” Hancock confirmed the message in the Department of Education’s revised guidelines on Friday

“For example, if you are a key worker and your partner is not working, you shouldn’t send your children to school”

Hancock said the government expected to be able to relax restrictions in the spring, but refused to explain or explain exactly when he thought spring was over

But he also stressed that it took the government two or three weeks to take effect, even though the government wanted the most vulnerable people to have their first vaccination by mid-February, and then the government would need to see the effects this had to have cases and transmission

On the Andrew Marr Show, Starmer said that after vaccinating all members of the four main priority groups, the other five priority groups on the list drawn up by the Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee should be reviewed to decide whether to include groups like teachers

Currently, teachers are not accepted as a group and would only be vaccinated in the first phase of the process if they qualify for one of the nine existing categories on the JCVI list, which also covers all those over 50 as health and social workers and people with underlying health conditions

Hancock said he had made Prof Chris Whitty, the government chief medical officer, refuses to accept that some restrictions might be required next winter

When asked if Whitty was right, Hancock replied, “I really hope not. I hope we can cope with this in the future through a vaccination program like we do every year with the flu”

Hancock refused to say whether he had recently spoken to former Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose think tank had published many proposals on Covid policy and who was in favor of postponing the second vaccine dose so that larger numbers could quickly get a first dose – a policy later passed by the government. When asked if they had spoken, Hancock simply said he had been talking to all sorts of people the whole time

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