The Minister of Health appeared on Good Morning Britain to be interviewed by Piers and Susanna Reid

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Matt Hancock couldn’t respond to Piers Morgan after he was accused of being embarrassed by Marcus Rashford for offering free school meals

The Minister of Health appeared on Good Morning Britain to be interviewed by Piers and Susanna Reid about the introduction of the vaccine

However, the opportunity to speak to the government minister led the ITV presenters to ask him about the pictures of food parcels sent to families that appeared on social media – what with the public, activists and elicited outrage

It came after Twitter user Roadside Mum shared a picture of a grocery package she had received that was estimated to contain approximately £ 5 worth of groceries

“You have three children, do you know how much you spend a week on groceries for your family as a household?” Piers interviewed Mr. Hancock on Wednesday at GMB

He replied that he spends “most of the time in the office” and “doesn’t have time to cook”, so he couldn’t give an answer

Piers explained the reason for his question and challenged the Minister of Health about the “scandal” over food parcels that had broken out in the last 24 hours

In response, Mr. Hancock said, “Definitely the company apologized for what it sent and I’m really glad this came up on social media

“Some people complain about social media, but I think this is one of the benefits”

The GMB host continued to urge Mr. Hancock to reach out to the company and what they are delivering to the country’s “poorest children”

“I want to see good quality food,” Hancock said, “I’m really glad we can ship food for those who get free school meals when schools are closed, and I’m really glad we can when schools are closed “

Piers responded, asking Mr. Hancock a “tough question” about why he voted against continuing free school meals during the pandemic

When challenged again, he said, “The reason I’m glad now is that we were able to sort this out and implement it”

Susanna cut in: “No thanks” before Piers hit back: “Let’s face it, you were put to shame by a soccer player, a young soccer player with a conscience who managed to stab the conscience of you and the government

“Matt Hancock refuses to say he regrets voting against free school meals for the country’s hungryest children Disgusting @piersmorgan #GMB,” added a third

Matt Hancock

World News – UK – Matt Hancock squirms when asked why he voted against free school meals