Rachel Carter had felt tired, forgetful, and suffered from headaches and thought it was because of her stressful job

However, the 46-year-old mother of two was put into an induced coma after a seizure in June 2019 shortly after coming home from a vacation in Tunisia after being rushed to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport was

“My job involved a lot of driving and being away from home. It was a busy, stressful role, and when I started suffering from fatigue and headaches in 2019 I thought it was work-related. I also became forgetful and had problems too.” sleep, but it wasn’t until June of this year that I realized something much more serious was going on, “said Rachael of Newport

Doctors found a “shadow” on the front of her brain and she was taken to University Hospital of Wales. She then developed an anaplastic astrocytoma 3 Degree diagnosed

“I was told it could have grown between five and eight years,” she said

Rachael, mother of two children, ages 12 and 11, was born on Jan. Surgery to expose the tumor before suffering two devastating family tragedies

“It was a terrible time as my father was sick at the time of my diagnosis and was on 9th He passed away a few days before my craniotomy on September 7th. His funeral was just a week after my brain surgery. It was terrible Also, it was so difficult to explain everything to my children. My attention was drawn from the start that my prognosis was not good it is on average between two and five years

“It took me a while to speak openly about my illness, but I am learning to live with it and try to make the most of the time I have”

“Tragically, I lost a good friend of my family to the disease in 2015. Anthony Hard was only 36 years old when he died after battling a brain tumor with oligoastrocytoma for four years. He was such a wonderful man, whose smile lit the room Anthony was from Newport too. He was a very fit and otherwise healthy man who worked as an aircraft engineer in the RAF. He left behind his wife, Nahella, and their two beautiful children

Most of Rachel’s brain tumor was removed, but her surgeon said it would likely grow back.After the operation, she was treated with 31 daily radiation therapy sessions at the Velindre Cancer Center in Cardiff In early 2020, she began seven months of chemotherapy

Rachael said, “Radiation therapy really made me feel bad Christmas 2019 was a write-off. Chemotherapy made my hair fall out and suffered a lot of illness. I take medication for epilepsy, which luckily prevented me from having any more seizures One of the worst things for me was quitting work. Physically and mentally, I am just unable to do the job I did before. Thankfully the company was brilliant and I’m still with them I’m really grateful for your support ”

Rachael and her friend Michelle Huckle, a fitness trainer from Afon Village, are now participating in a fundraising campaign for brain cancer research

Rachael said, “I met Michelle 10 years ago while taking one of her Zumba classes. When she reached out to me about fundraising for brain cancer research, I was delighted to get involved I want 10Taking 000 steps a day which will be challenging but hopefully achievable as I try to rebuild my fitness after the treatment ”

Rachael added: “Aside from walking, exercise has fallen by the wayside since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I have been homeschooling our two children since March 2020 while I undergo cancer treatment and need to protect myself. as I was classified as vulnerable it was tough and I felt cooped up most of the time. Fortunately, I got great support from friends and family and got my first dose of the Covid vaccine which is a relief

“When I take on this challenge, I get the much-needed focus and there is something really positive about getting involved while also raising money for this very important cause”

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169 participants have registered for Michelle’s 10-day step challenge and between them they already have 2£ 450 raised Attendees will be asked to make a £ 10 donation, but will not be required to collect sponsorship, although donations from friends and family are welcome to add funds

Brain tumors kill more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer Historically, however, only 1% of national cancer research spending has been devoted to this devastating disease

Brain Tumor Research funds sustained research at specialized centers in the UK. It also works to get the government and major cancer organizations to invest more in brain tumor research in order to expedite new treatments for patients and ultimately find a cure Charity calls for an annual annual spending of 35 million GBP to improve survival rates and patient outcomes in line with other cancers such as breast cancer and leukemia, and also advocate for greater drug reuse


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