Ms. Hinch got famous when she started sharing cleaning hacks on her social media, with more than four million Instagram followers, cleaning fanatics have set up their own pages where they share their own cleaning finds, one fan has her amazing Technique shared with ketchup to remove burn marks in just minutes

On Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’ Facebook page, a cleaning fanatic posted two videos about how she got her pots to look brand new

While there are many ways to remove dirt from the bottom of the pot, it can often be quite difficult to remove all of the stains

However, a fan of Ms. Hinch found a quick and easy way to bring the shine back to the bottom of her pans

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The video titles read, “I wanted to throw this pan away, but decided to try this ketchup technique I am very happy with the results”

The clip then showed the cleaning fanatic rubbing copious amounts of ketchup on the bottom of her fan

She added a small amount of water before going to work for a few minutes

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The acetic acid in ketchup attacks the copper oxide that is formed during cooking to remove stains from pans or bowls

The fan stated that she used Heinz ketchup, but any tomato sauce works the same way

One cleaning fan wrote, “I use elbow grease on my grease and it comes out like new”

The elbow grease all-purpose degreaser is loved by Ms. Hinch herself and can be used on many surfaces in the household

Another person commented, “I make a paste out of bicarbonate of soda and fairy liquid I let it soak for a while and it works a treat”

It can be used as a mild abrasive to dissolve dirt, combat odors, and remove dirt

On the same Facebook page, another cleaning fanatic shared how she used ketchup and tin foil to remove rust from her shower head and rail

She wrote: “I just moved into a nice house, but the shower and railing were really rusty! So I thought I’d try the ketchup and foil trick and wow! “

The cleaning trick was to smother the grate in ketchup and let it sit for about half an hour

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