At a Gold Command meeting, plans were considered to move Birmingham from Tier 3 to Tier 4 before Christmas and cover the entire nation on May 26 December lock

The meeting brought together senior health officials, politicians and local leaders to consider how to act in areas where they want to contain the virus

A source at the meeting said, “The situation is moving quickly, so we need to respond at the same pace

“It is more likely that other parts of England will be classified in Tier 4 from Boxing Day,” reports Der Spiegel

Sources at the meeting said that they finally decided to delay the drastic move for now

But officials also urged the whole of England to get into Tier 4 from Boxing Day to try to contain the new mutated variant

The cabinet is believed to have already been talking about overturning the whole country to the highest level – practically a national lockdown – when it met on Saturday

The ministers finally decided to focus initially on London and the south-east, where cases of the new variant are highest

However, the government is again considering introducing a national Tier 4 lockdown after Christmas to curb the spread of the new, rapidly expanding tribe

Some in Whitehall want new restrictions to be introduced across the UK as early as Boxing Day, but many government officials are pushing for these to be delayed for a few days to avoid more travel chaos

The animal review was on Jan. Due December, but fears that the mutant tribe is now “everywhere” and decisions will be brought forward

Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove led the calls for the meeting on Saturday for the nationwide introduction of Tier 4

That prompted one minister to joke afterwards, “Just because Michael’s family doesn’t want to see him doesn’t mean he should stop us from seeing ours”

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said that with cases in this region increasing by just 1%, he still does not believe that Tier 4 is still warranted

He claimed it was “not inevitable” that there would be another national lockdown after Christmas if the existing restrictions worked

But he warned: “We may now be facing the most dangerous moment of this pandemic

“We’re all considering shutting down and signing out, but we’re not in that position this year

In the northeast, health chiefs warned that the new variety was “very likely” to have already reached the region

They said, “While there is no clear evidence that the new tribe is still spreading in the Northeast, such as Kent and the Southeast, it is very likely that it already exists”

A meeting of the North East Gold Command is expected to take place on Thursday, although regional leaders disagree that case rates are high enough to qualify for Tier 4

Chief scientist Sir Patrick Vallance warned earlier this week that the variant was now “everywhere” across the country

He suggested that for the third time after Christmas, stricter lockdown measures might be required across the country

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