Thousands of people visit on Saturday 13th February 2021, a concert by the Six60 band in Wellington, New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, will be banned for three days on Sunday after the discovery of three unexplained virus cases (AP Photo / Nick Perry)

WELLINGTON – New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, has launched a three-day lockdown following the discovery of three unexplained coronavirus cases in the community

Health officials said Monday the cases were of the contagious variant first found in the UK and that genomic testing had not linked them to any previous known cases

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the lockdown after an urgent meeting with other senior lawmakers in the Cabinet, saying she decided to proceed cautiously until they learn more about the outbreak

The lockdown, which extends through Wednesday, is the first in New Zealand in six months and represents a significant setback to the country’s largely successful efforts to fight the virus.It has also forced a delay in the America’s Cup sailing regatta

New Zealand had successfully eradicated the spread of the community, and many people around the world watched enviously as New Zealanders went back to work and attended concerts and sporting events without having to wear masks or take any other precautions

In fact, on Sunday, Ardern had planned to attend Big Gay Out, an Auckland festival that celebrates the rainbow community and attracts tens of thousands of people, in the end, canceled those plans and returned to Wellington to tackle the outbreak

“I ask the New Zealanders to continue to be strong and kind,” said Ardern at a hastily arranged press conference. “I know we all think the same when this happens We all get the feeling of ‘not again” But think Remember, we’ve been here before and that means we know how to get out, and that’s together””

New cases are regularly detected among returning travelers who are quarantined every two weeks Despite all precautionary measures, the virus leaked the border multiple times before being checked again, and officials are trying to determine if it has happened again

In the last case, a mother, father and daughter from Auckland contracted the disease, officials said the mother worked for a catering company that does laundry for airlines and officials are investigating whether there is a link to infected passengers officials said the woman did not board the aircraft herself

Restrictions have also been imposed on the rest of New Zealand outside of Auckland, including a crowd limit of 100 people

“We’re collecting all the facts asap, and the system that has served us so well in the past is really preparing for it,” said COVID-19 Response Secretary Chris Hipkins

“New Zealand has contained COVID-19 better than almost any other country,” Hipkins said. “But as we have kept saying, there is no risk”

New Zealand, with a population of 5 million, has had a total of just over 2 million since the pandemic began300 cases and 25 deaths reported

The country has hosted the America’s Cup sailing regatta, the race was supposed to continue on Wednesday in the Prada Cup challenger series, but organizers have announced that a postponement will be necessary.Italian Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli leads the British INEOS Team UK 4-0 in the first to seventh series. The winner then competes against Emirates Team New Zealand for the America’s Cup

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