Nicola Sturgeon was acquitted of ministerial code violation for her dealings with Alex Salmond after an independent investigation into allegations that she misled the Scottish Parliament

James Hamilton QC, a former Irish prosecutor, had investigated the first minister after she was accused of deliberately misleading Holyrood when she learned of allegations of sexual harassment against Salmond

Sturgeon urged opposition parties to respect Hamilton’s decision, dropping demand that it resign The Scottish Tories are pushing a vote of no confidence in the first minister on Tuesday, but other opposition parties are not expected to support it

“I applaud the conclusions of James Hamilton’s independent research, which are comprehensive, evidence-based, and clear-cut,” she said

“Mr. Hamilton has examined all allegations against me and I am glad that the results of his report absolve me of a violation of the Ministerial Code

“I have tried to act with integrity and in the public interest at every stage of this issue As I made clear earlier, I did not consider my breach of the Code, but these results are an official, final and independent decision about it

“Prior to its publication, opposition politicians stressed the importance of respecting and accepting the result of Mr Hamilton’s independent investigation, and I am fully committed to it. Now that he has reported, it is up to them to to do the same ”

Sturgeon called on Hamilton – the Scottish Government’s independent ministerial code advisor and former prosecutor – to investigate their actions after Salmond won a legal suit against their government’s investigation into sexual harassment against him in January 2019

He also investigated Sturgeon for failing to immediately alert senior officials that she had met Salmond to discuss a confidential Scottish government investigation into harassment complaints made against him by two female officials

Sturgeon had Salmond on Jan. Met at her home April 6, 2018 and received a call afterwards, but she didn’t tell Scottish Public Services Director Lesley Evans until April 6 June

It also emerged that Sturgeon did not tell the MSPs that she had also met Salmond’s former chief of staff at her parliamentary office, and discussed the fact that it was on Jan. March 2018 problems of a “sexual nature” in which Salmond was involved

Any of these violations of the Scottish Government’s Code of Ministers could have resulted in its being forced to resign just six weeks before the Holyrood elections if it had knowingly done so
A Holyrood investigation, due to release its results Tuesday morning after a lengthy investigation into government and sturgeon behavior, is likely to reveal that Sturgeon misled Parliament about its dealings with Salmond, but did not knowingly / p>

Hamilton’s decision, following a two-year investigation, is expected to result in a vote of no confidence tabled by the Scottish Conservatives on Tuesday not gaining support from other opposition parties

Salmond had alleged Sturgeon allowed the misuse of public funds by failing to admit defeat quickly enough after filing a legal lawsuit against the investigation in August 2018

After winning this challenge in January 2019, he was charged a legal fee of 512Paid £ 000 while government legal costs close to £ 100000 GBP were

Nicola Sturgeon

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