Nigel Farage has announced that he is leaving the front line of politics by stepping down as Chairman of Reform UK

He hit social media tonight and said he has been involved in “active politics” for 30 years and now is the right time to leave – and it would be forever

Mr Farage, who has lived in north Kent, is a former Ukip leader who started the Brexit party when he discovered Britain was “betrayed” by the EU deal negotiated by Theresa May / p>

Before that, he led Ukip from 2006 to 2009 and again from 2010 to 2016

He ran for a seat in Parliament in 2015 when he made an unfortunate attempt to be a MP for South Thanet, but was narrowly defeated by Conservative Craig Mackinlay

He had announced his intention to leave politics at the time, and in 2016 said he wanted his life back ‘

By May 2019, his Brexit party was the clear winner of the European Parliament elections in Kent, and Mr Farage became one of four MPs elected in the Southeast

Speaking tonight, he said, “Without EU membership, I wouldn’t even have stood for a local council. It became my goal in life, it was a goal that occupied most of three decades of my life

“I have a feeling we are fighting elections now in May Now is the time to say, ‘I did it’ It’s a repetition of 2016 when I said I want my life back, but now is the time for me to say that I will not continue as Head of Reform UK become ‘

Mr Farage stressed that he is not retiring and will use his social media channels to continue his campaign

“There are many other things I want to fight for – the increasing influence of the Chinese Communist Party on our lives and how the British government is sold out on the matter”

Just last weekend, the Home Office took the unusual step of dismissing its claims that 12 asylum seekers who arrived in Dover all tested positive for Covid

Former Ukip leader posted the allegation on Twitter, calling for Home Secretary Priti Patel to ‘get a grip’ on the allegation more than 20 years agoRetweeted 000 times

The Home Office publicly responded to the tweet, initially saying none of the 12 tested positive before the number was later changed to one

The Reform Party said last year its aim was to ensure that Britain is not sold down the river during the EU transition period

The mission statement added, “This year [2020] has reinforced the need to take over bloated institutions and vital interests The House of Lords, the BBC, the way we vote, law and order, immigration, around to name just a few

“The most pressing problem is the government’s sad reaction to the coronavirus The government has dug itself in a hole and is continuing to dig instead of admitting its mistakes

“The new national lockdown will result in the loss of more years of life than it hopes to save as non-Covid patients with cancer, heart, lung and other diseases delayed or stopped treatments”

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