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Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser’s (Caitriona Balfe) romance mesmerized Outlander fans with their time-traveling love story, which was further enhanced by the racy scenes between the two, especially in the first two seasons, during Claire and Jamie stayed 20 years apart in different centuries, the passion is still there between them and fans have seen her in several intimate scenes since they reunited in season three

While the series is in its sixth season, Sam has been thinking about the development of Claire and Jamie’s romance

He stated that the recalled things had been a lot easier lately when he threw a certain item out of his wardrobe

“Wearing the now infamous French knee-high buckled boots that took a good ten minutes to put on each morning – each boot had about fourteen buckles, which made directing ‘intimate scenes’ quite difficult,” recalled Sam

“They lasted two full seasons, including boat trips to the Caribbean and America,” he wrote in his book Clanlands

Sam recently revealed how his mom Chrissie feels when he undresses for sex scenes

When he appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show, he explained, “When I was growing up we had a black and white television that you had to turn the dial to turn on

“She refused to buy a new one until I actually left home and moved to university At that point, she bought a 4K HD color television

“She’s very, very proud of the show, but I think she’s probably fast-forwarding most of those scenes”

While the sex scenes are a big part of Outlander, Claire star Caitriona recently stated that one was cut because they felt it was “inappropriate”

In the season five finale after Claire’s attack by Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy), the time traveler was supposed to have sex with Jamie

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However, Caitriona stated, “There is a very animal sex scene in the book that felt completely inappropriate, especially so soon after something so terrible”

She noted that if they had recreated the scene for television and possibly got some backlash, it “never would have worked”

“In the book that can work because that’s exactly what she wants right now, when you’re in someone’s head and closely related to Claire’s mind,” she told ELLE

We have tried as much as possible to translate the core of Diana’s storyline in such a way that it works for our characters, but also for a modern audience ”

Season six will focus on Claire’s recovery from her attack and how Jamie will support her

As the two work to repair and heal their relationship, they will face other obstacles as well

Most notably, the Revolutionary War could put pressure on the couple as Jamie is pushed to help the British – will he agree?

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Sam Heughan

World News – UK – Outlander Season 6: Jamie Fraser star Sam Heughan describes “difficult” intimate scenes

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