The singer took to her Instagram page on Sunday to snap up her baby’s feet and touched the reality of welcoming a newborn baby in a refreshingly honest post she referred to as the “Pregnancy Diary.”

“Well, I’m not pregnant anymore,” she told her followers, “I had a scheduled caesarean section yesterday I’m in a lot of pain and didn’t sleep last night, but it’s worth seeing and meeting the new little cherub that I have in front of me “

This is the second child for Paloma and her partner, the French artist Leyman Lahcine.The couple announced pregnancy in September after six rounds of IVF

“It’s been about 30 hours and I’m already exhausted, sore and burning nipples with a piranha baby trying to kill me,” she added, “On them every few hours, but of course I’m delighted!”

The mother of two responded to her fear and continued: “This baby might no longer be loved or wanted if she tried (yes, I have two girls) I’m now going through the constant bottle-to-breast worry, the last time I was exclusively breastfeeding and I think it was too hard!

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“I don’t know if I will come to terms with it this time, but I’ll try anyway And my nipples are burning I have lost a liter of blood and am in so much pain despite the painkillers The joys! #placentaprevia #cesarean #pandemicpregnancy #lovedoctors # lovemidwives #postpartum #ivfjourney “[sic]

Paloma and Leyman first became parents in December 2016.The musician previously announced that she had raised her child in a gender-neutral manner, but in July she appeared to confirm she had a daughter after referring to her child with feminine pronouns had

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Paloma Faith

World News – UK – Paloma Faith confirms the arrival of the second baby with a refreshingly honest contribution